Hello 2021! Revisiting 2020 Short Term Goals during the Pandemic

– Cheers! and praying for a much better year ahead!

It’s 10:26 in the morning of January 1, 2021. Just woke up from a night and early morning celebration of the new year. As I opened my eyes, I wondered “what the heck happened to the short term goals that I set for myself last year?”. Let me do a quick rewind: Jan 4, 2020 – while browsing on facebook, I saw this random photo and told to myself “I should do all the things on the list this year” obviously not knowing that Covid-19 would hit us hard at that time . I was so excited, I even shared it on my Instagram story pala!

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Dr. Sensitive Tea Tree and Aloe Vera Pimple Relief Serum Review

Dr. Sensitive Tea Tree & Aloe Vera Pimple Relief Serum is as lightweight serum that helps soothe and relieves pimples. For skin trouble and blemish care.

During one of my rare visits to Watsons nowadays, I came across Dr. Sensitive products in trial/travel packs (10ml) and I picked the Tea Tree & Aloe Vera Pimple Relief Serum. I don’t usually have too many pimples but months back due to some factors, I’ve been having 2-3 pimples at the same time situated in one particular part of my face. They looked really red and bothering. It became frequent that I started to worry. This was the reason why I grabbed this serum off the rack thinking and hoping that it might help before I consult with a Dermatologist online.

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4 Current Favorite Body Bath Products

Back from the old normal, the usual scenario of a weekday morning is Me rushing to bathe and groom myself so I won’t be late for work. Since the pandemic, work from home became my setup and one of its perks is the time I save from commuting and getting ready to go out. This also means more ME TIME! It is safe to say that I have been enjoying cleaning up and pampering myself in the shower NOW after a long while.

To even make bath time more enjoyable, nice bath products are essential. Let me share with you my current favorite bath products with skin-loving ingredients.

  1. Luxe Organix Niacinamide Brightening Cloud Soap (P149.00)
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Nacific Calendula Real Floral Toner Review

Calendula or marigold is considered a medicinal plant because of its anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and healing properties. It’s extract hydrates, nourishes and makes the skin firm. Also, did you know that it’s flower is actually edible?! Don’t be amazed though as I learned this fact just recently :p So don’t be surprise if you found calendula petals on your salad, soup or stew.

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Liquid Shots – Supplement for the Skin

It’s no secret that I’m obsessed in taking care of my skin and that explains the tons of skincare products that have in my stash. While watching one of Anna Cay’s vlogs, I saw her talking about a beauty supplement called liquid shots by the local brand Luxe Organix. It made me think that I should also start taking care of my skin not just from the outside but also from within.

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Comfy Inner Lounge Wear

It’s absolutely true that since the pandemic started, the least piece of clothing that women wear is a bra or brassier – it is so much comfortable without them, right girls? However, I can’t always stay bra-less because I’m attending zoom meetings for work – – – enter sport’s bras’ and bralettes.

Because of the hot weather here in the Philippines, I mostly use non-padded bralettes such as these ones. Because the fabric is so stretchy and soft, it brings so much comfort on my body. During meetings, of course I wear a semi-formal top over it. But when the camera goes off, I change into a thin tank top because I don’t want to catch stomach cramps naman due to exposed tummy :p I usually pair it with a yoga or a flowy pair of shorts.

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Home Stuff Haul: Part 1 of 3 – Home Decors’

How are you all? In this uncertain and stressful times we badly need to have a diversion and just make the best out of what we have right now, which for one is TIME. I always wanted to re-decorate our home but I’m always busy because I work in an office 5 1/2 days a week and Sunday is family day of course. Now that I’m just working from home like most people I know, I am getting much time as I need and was able to slowly amp up the look of our space and acquire some decorative pieces.

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I waxed my underarm for the first time!

– officially a stripper! 

Don’t take the “stripper” thing seriously though LOL! One of the things that the #ecqmademedo is to got rid of my underarm hair using cold wax. I used the honey flavored cold wax from the brand Esme Organics. But before I dived into it, these are the things that revolved on my mind … (1) Does waxing successfully removes hair? (2) Is it painful? (3) Will I bleed? (4) What’s better, hot or cold wax? (5) Can I do it all by myself? (6) Will the hair grow back much slower? Yes! I’m this skeptical at first. So if you’re planning to try cold waxing and have the same questions on your mind, this blog will be of help to you. 

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SUNGLOW by Fresh First Impression Review + Wear Test

– “better days ahead” 

How are you guys holding up with the ongoing enhanced community quarantine? Stress and negativity is inevitable nowadays but we should not only take good care of our physical health but our mental and spiritual health as well. While feeding our mind with facts about COVID-19 and keeping ourselves updated with this health crisis, don’t forget to also breathe and be calm. Being pre-occupied with other things may greatly reduce our worries and fear. Remember, “a healthy mind can lead you to a healthy body”.

So just for a little diversion, I recently uploaded a post in my Youtube channel about the Sunglow Skincare Line from Fresh Philippines, in collaboration with Ms. Mae Layug and Ms. Rei Germar. The line comprises of sun protection products in vibrant colors that will help brighten your eyes and put a smile on your faces. Click this link for the video. 

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D’Alba Piedmont Back to Days Clean Balm Review

– a cleansing balm like never before 

There is no such thing as a “tough to remove” makeup with the use of a cleansing balm and that’s the reason why I’m such a huge fan of it. Usually these type of balms are housed in a jar with a scoop or spatula to keep the remaining product untouched and clean. But this Back to Days Clean Balm from D’Alba is even more hygienic to use without requiring any scooping tool and a whole lot lighter and travel friendly. 

A simpler and Hygienic Cleansing Balm Using a retinol-type applicator, it is more hygienic than other cleanser products such as existing jar-type products.

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