My Top 15 Chick Flick Movies

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I LOVE watching movies. I consider it as one of my “me” times. Like any other girls, I also fancy Chick Flick movies. 

According to Wikipedia, Chick Flick is a slang term for the film genre dealing mainly with love and romance which is targeted to a female audience. It can be specifically defined as a genre in which a woman is the protagonist. 

Let me just add in the targets mentioned, women empowerment, style, fashion and shopping! 

Some of the movies that i will mention reminds me of my happy childhood memories with my younger sister and my cousins. Those late nights of snuggling under the sheets or sitting next to each other on the sofa, while watching these kind of movies. At that time we do not know what is called, all we know is that we enjoy watching them a lot. I literally mean a LOT because we tend to watch them over and over again to the point that we already memorized the dialogues (laughs!).

And oh! As weird as it may seem, I remember that we used to assign certain characters in the movies to our selves, for instance, I can be like Romy, and my other cousin would be the Michele which sometimes leads to petty quarrels when the other one pick the chosen character of the other. haha! Kids ….

Enough with the craziness, here are the list.  Enjoy! 

No. 15 – The Beautician and The Beast


Yup! You guess it right, this movie is a modern take on the classic Disney Fairy Tale – Beauty and the Beast minus the magical effects. Still, I assure you that there is also a happy ever after *wink! 

No. 14 – Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion


Do you know someone from High School that looked like a total geek but turns out to be  a hottie at the present time? Well I do. This film is fun and so kikay!

No. 13 – Breakfast at Tiffany’s


We love giving names to our pets right? The cuter the better. But Ms. Holly Golightly here do not believe in a thing called “attachment”that is why she didn’t bother to give her cat a cute name. Turned out, she realized that she cannot be happy without the love and belongingness she can get from others including her pet.

No. 12 – 13 Going 30


I am confidently sure that there was an instance in every girls life when she imagined to be a grown up and has the freedom to do whatever she wants. 

No. 11 – How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

This one is really a cool movie, kinda remind me of the much more cooler side of the film Mr. and Mrs. Smith where each other had a different agenda. But of course, love always lead the way. 

No. 10 – When in Rome


The city of Rome plus a little bit of superstition equates to a very romantic love story. Never under estimate what a single coin can do to your life. Literally and figuratively 🙂

No. 9 – 27 Dresses


Not to mention the magical vibe of any wedding-themed movie that brings to me, the thing that I most love about this film is the message that it implies to the audience. If a thing is yours to have, God will find a way to give it to you even if it’s a little delayed. Just hang in there and have faith! 

No. 8 – Bring it On


Be Aggressive.. Be! Be! Aggressive! *clap clap! If you are a cheerleader, became one (ehem!)  or aspires to be one, I am sure you are going to love this movie. The moves.. the sounds.. the Spirit Fingers?! OMG!

No. 7 – My Sassy Girl


Out of all the Korean movies that I have watched, this one is my favorite. It’s sassy, fun, brutal but full of cuteness! Another tale that proves “destiny” do exist.

No. 6 – Marie Antoinette


If you already read my blog entitled “A Feel of Versailles in Manila” you would probably noticed that I mentioned this movie. Kirsten Dunst really rock the role of being the Queen of France and all the perks that comes with it, without execution involved.

And now for my TOP 5!

These movies are my TOP PICKS. I could no longer remember how many times I watched them already, but I don’t know … i just can’t get enough of them hehe! If it’s called obsession then I’m guilty! (Laughs!) 

No. 5 – Confessions of a Shopaholic


Common! Who does not love shopping?! Who doesn’t want fitting the shoes and dresses she wants, trying out perfumes, swatching cosmetics that she have been eyeing for weeks. NOBODY. Just remember, credit cards are not really magic cards 🙂

No. 4 – Sex and the City 2


Carrie Bradshaw and her fashion forward friends conquered the majestic place of Abu Dhabi. You should see for yourself the royalty, fabulous brands and kind of pampering these women in their late 40’s enjoyed.

No. 3 – Sex and the City 1


New York, Fashion Week, Designers, Couture, Love and Friendship molded by time. I love this film because it shows that fashion knows no generations, you do not need to be forever young to be fab!

No. 2 – Bride Wars


This is a must-see movie for aspiring brides out there and to those who already experienced their dream weddings like me, this can bring back sweet memories. All the preparations, the stress, as well as the twist and turns.

At the end, true love and friendship are the most important things rather than an elegant wedding gown and a fancy cake.

No. 1 – The Devil Wears Prada 


Don’t worry! There is no devil involved in this film, but yes! there is Prada, Chanel, Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blahnik and lots of other signatured fashion pieces that was featured. My most favorite part is actually the opening clips showing different girls dressing up while the song “Suddenly I See” is playing as the background music – now I’m singing! Oh yeah … 

On a more serious note. I should admit that this movie kind of like motivated me to try something new, to embrace my other side -my feminine side. It made me realized that confining yourself on the things that you have been doing or you have been portraying for a long time makes you missed more out of life.   

Maybe that is the basic reason why I love love! watching this film. 

We are girls! Let’s Have fun, be beautiful, be adventurous.

Disclaimer: All the photos (except the title part) used in this blog were downloaded from Google.


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