iWhite Korea Aqua Moisturizer Whitening Vita

Hey Hey Hey Ladies!

Sample Size  6 ml (P20.00)

We all know that skin care products are more important than any cosmetics out there because if you have healthy skin, you really wont be needing much makeup in order to look good. A skin care routine consists of cleansing, moisturizing and toning and it is very important for every girls to find the perfect products to use. 

I am happy that I have finally found the perfect moisturizer for me. I tell you, this moisturizer from the brand iWhite Korea is the bomb! If you have read my “Love Month Haul” blog, i featured there all other products from this brand (Korea-Made) that I purchased  and this one is my favorite.


As you can tell in the picture above, the packaging is so freaking adorable. It mimics a potion bottle with a cork stopper on it. Very convenient for travelling and will fit well on the vanity kit. You just have to cut out the middle part of the cork and the product can be squeezed out already. One sample size lasts for 3-4 days for two applications per day. 

I am so glad that the company cared to produce sample sizes of all their skin care products because it allows the buyers to try them first before purchasing the full size ones.

Full Size Tube 50 ml (P179.00)

Also, I appreciate that the opening of the tube has a seal on it, very hygienic. 



The packaging describes the product as a unique water-based moisturizer () that deeply hydrates the skin with its natural and non-greasy formula (). It leaves a cool, oil-free and refreshing feeling () on your skin after application. 

I can confidently say that all the descriptions in the packaging about this moisturizer is absolutely true. I gave my self three weeks to fully try it and the results were very good, I did not breakout.

Now, on the whitening side I cannot tell if it did whitens. After all, I am not into whitening I just need my face to be really moisturized and be healthy. 



The moisturizer itself is very cooling once it touches the skin, it comes out in a bluish color but instantly turn into water when blended. After cleansing my face thoroughly, I generously apply it on my face and neck. I usually use it every morning and before bed time. 


I really enjoy the application process, there is no stinging sensation at all. It is very relaxing, very gentle on the face and very easy to blend. It feels like it is absorbed or should I say being “drank” by the skin until you cannot feel it anymore and yet you knew that it is moisturized. Plus, the smell is also pleasant, there is no trace of harsh chemicals on it. 

Let me share with you that I am suffering from a skin allergy as I am writing this blog, my face is very rough, scaly, super itchy and dry right now (so lucky that my face is not red). There is this soap (which is not mine) that i was forced to used five nights ago because I do not have my Cetaphil cleanser or Dove bar with me during that night. The next day I woke up with the feeling of irritation in my face.

This moisturizer helps to lessen the dryness of my skin and makes me feel a little better. I feel that my skin is improving since yesterday also with the help of my oatmeal remedy. 


Will I re-purchase?Absolutely

Will I recommend this?Confidently Yes!

I suggest you to buy the sample size first so that you can test if you will be “hiyang” to it or not. 


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  1. Hi, sis! I definitely love this brand especially this product. I used to buy the small packets because those that are in tube are always out of stock. Finally, I was able to find one last year and I find it more practical. Love this post, sis!


    1. Thank you Iris. May skin is in the state of recovery right now, and this moisturizer is of really great help ease the dryness. 🙂


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