Human ♥ Nature Tinted Lip Balm


For months now, I’m in a hunt of a lip balm that will hydrate my lips and at the same time will provide a hint of color so as my lips won’t look like Sadakos’ straight out of the well lol!

Actually, I own quite a number of lip balms to somewhat improve my dry lips but none of them “wowed” me. I mentioned from my 2015 Makeup Favorites how I like the Vaseline Lip Therapy but now that it ran out, I thought of trying other product as a replacement. This time something with a little bit of color, for me to avoid being pale looking specially when I go out.

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What’s in my Office Bag?!  



It is in the nature of us girls to carry a lot of stuff with us once we leave the house. Raise your hand if you are as guilty as I am *laughs! 


 I myself had been tagged as a “girl scout” by my friends because apparently, I have everything that they need inside my bag.

My Office Bag


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It’s Skin Macaron Tinted Lip and Cheek

Who doesn’t love macarons?

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I personally love and eat Parisian macarons even though I am not of a dessert person. Maybe because they are so simple yet pretty to look at and have a touch of elegance as to how they are made and presented into fancy packaging. Royalties from the French Era actually used to munched on it. 

Hence, it is not a surprise after all that I got hooked the moment I saw the It’s Skin Macaron Tinted Lip and Cheek  from the Althea website last month.

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