It’s Skin Macaron Tinted Lip and Cheek

Who doesn’t love macarons?

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I personally love and eat Parisian macarons even though I am not of a dessert person. Maybe because they are so simple yet pretty to look at and have a touch of elegance as to how they are made and presented into fancy packaging. Royalties from the French Era actually used to munched on it. 

Hence, it is not a surprise after all that I got hooked the moment I saw the It’s Skin Macaron Tinted Lip and Cheek  from the Althea website last month.

I am not a heavy makeup wearer. I just like to have simple looks to match my Asian features (just like the Koreans do) and I thought this cheek and lip tint is perfect for me.

Obviously, the good thing about this product is that you have a cream blush and a lip tint in one.


The tiny hard plastic box still has a Christmas feel to it with designs of hanging golden snow flakes and droplets of tiny snow balls. The macaron lies on a gold shiny carton inside the box.

Picture 006

Picture 005

It really looks like a macaron but slightly thicker and harder of course. You have to twist it open to see the product inside.

IMG_1311 crp


These swirls are the cutest aren’t they? Did I mention that they smell delicious too?
Well they are!

Picture 003
Actual Shades

The Peach Gelato has a nice sweet smell to it, almost like a candy but not too sweet. The Orange Sorbet on the other hand really has an orangy scent that is good too. I cannot describe how the shade in Pink Parfait smells like because I haven’t laid my hands on it but I think it smells nice as well.

Here are all the shades from the Althea Website with swatches.



The cream blush is soft once you touched it which is not what I expect it to be by looking at it the first time. Good thing, even though it sort of like melts in your skin, it is not too soft enough to mess up its container.

Picture 002

The finish of the product is dewy on the cheeks making it looks very natural.
It provides an instant glow and flush of color in the face. If you are going for a “pa-sweet” look or wants to achieve a “No Makeup, Makeup look”, this product will get you covered girl! (*wink).

When applied on the lips, I find it moisturizing. 


I think the best way to pick up the cream is by using the middle finger and gently do the swirling motion following the natural pattern of the circles. Three to four swirls will do in order to pick up an ample amount. Then, lightly dab it to the apples of the cheeks and on the lips.


It retails for P390.00 which is very affordable considering that you paid for a single product with the benefits of two. 




The only downside of this cream is it’s longevity. After using it everyday for a straight week, I noticed that it is not long lasting which is very unlikely for a cream blush. I usually re-apply after four to five hours. 

But other than that, I love everything about it. It has very cute packaging, you can carry it even on a small purse. The price is very reasonable and most importantly, it did not break me out which is my top priority in using cosmetics.

For other products that I got from Althea, kindly click here.




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