Moisturizers for Sensitive Skin


To girls who have sensitive skin like I do, Let us drink to that! … or not?! 

As we know, having this kind of skin condition is not a joke! It is very limiting in terms of the products that can be used not to mention the allergic reactions that may occur. Apparently experimenting really entails a lot of risk.

Allergic skin reactions vary from person to person. As for me, I tend to have very dry, rough, itchy and flaky skin or breakout whenever I carelessly use a product that contains harsh elements or strong artificial ingredients. Finding a skincare and makeup product that will suit my skin condition is a struggle and I know I’m not alone.

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March 2016 Collective Haul


This month’s collective haul is more on Skin care products, let us begin. ♥♥♥

Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel – P245.00 Landmark Trinoma


One of the most soothing product on earth! Obviously, the main ingredient of this gel is aloe vera and it acts as a moisturizer. I usually store it in the fridge making it extra soothing and cooling in the face when applied. Did I mentioned that it smells so good too?! I will talk more about it on my next blog. Stay Tuned! Ü

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