April and May Collective Haul

I am so excited with the products that I acquired this past months. Most of them  are affordable and adorable for their size and functionality. 


Let us start with this beauty balm from iWhite Korea. The most affordable BB cream in the market … I think. One sachet of BB.Holic Everyday BB Cream only cost P24.50 that comes in shades light and beige. I am very positive that it will not cause allergic reactions to my face so let us see (fingers crossed).


Next is another BB cream but this time from MUZ. On the left is the Collagen Snail Night Repair Cream from the same brand. Each 10 ml. tube cost more or less P104.00. Another set of products that I am so excited to put into test.

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Food Hub at The Block SM North Edsa

IMG_2918It’s been a while since I visited the ground floor of The Block SM North Edsa. This is because originally, all you can find there is the Hypermarket which occupies majority of the area. Others are Tous Les Jours bakery and Salmon Marina. Until a friend told me that it is reconstructed just recently and was converted into a food hub. The Hypermarket is still there only that it’s space was reduced.

Every cravings will surely be satisfied because the restaurants in this food hub are mix of some common cuisines such as Japanese, Italian, Korean, Filipino, Mexican and Greek. Of course, desserts cannot be missed.


1. Kumori Japanese Bakery and Cafe


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Torch Restaurant

American, Italian, Japanese, Filipino and Spanish fusion? this casual-dining restaurant have it all.

Wasabi balls

Wasabi Balls

The one ingredient that dominates almost all of the dishes they offer is the CHEESE! Boy! They are so generous in serving this super yummy product.For cheese lovers, this is the place to be. 


I learned this resto in Instagram while looking for a place to celebrate my birthday. I was enticed with the photos of their food,  the positive comments in their feed and also lots of celebrities are dining here. I together with my office mates went here last October 2015.




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Evening Skin Care Routine


I personally look at Skin Care as a long term investment in terms of ones physical well-being. I mean who would want to have dark bags under her eyes, fine lines and wrinkles, or saggy face in her mid 30’s to early 40’s? These things sounds like a nightmare but it does happen to some, it is better to be safe than sorry.

First signs of skin aging may be visible at the age of 25, therefore skin care must begin at a much earlier time. Do not worry if the cost of skin care products can put an added weight to your budget, just remember that it is an investment and it is nothing compared to the price of aesthetic procedures that you might be availing in the future just to look better.

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