Sophie Paris Magic Pink Cream


If you are looking for a cream blush that will last for the entire day especially during the summer time, you have to give this amazing product a try. Even Ms. Nadine Lustre always have it in her makeup bag.

Actual Box



You might be wondering why it is called a “magic cream”, well this cream is one of those products that turns its color once come in contact with something. It is made in Malaysia by the way.


At first it is creamy white but once you apply it in your cheeks and started blending, it magically turns pink. The consistency is neither thick nor too watery.


Although this cream blush comes in just one shade, I think Sophie Paris did a great job in formulating this specific pink tone. I like that it is just a subtle kind of pink making it very natural looking in the cheeks, just do not apply too much.

To test the longevity of the cream blush, below are the pictures of me wearing it.

Time : 7:30 am First and last application. Please excuse my damp hair 🙂


Time : 8:00 am At the office.



Time : 6:30 pm At Home

As you can tell, after almost 11 hours of wearing the cream blush, it is still visible in my cheeks. 

If my memory serves me right, I think I already seen and tried this blush from a friend way back from High School. She said that she got it from a Sophie Paris dealer, which I guess is one of the downside of this product. It is not readily available in stores rather through its authorized dealers via direct selling just like how Avon works.

 Cost: P95.00 for 10ml squeeze tube.

 Available via : Direct selling.


  • Easy to apply and blendable
  • Very natural looking in the cheeks
  • Super long lasting
  • Perfect for the summer season
  • A little amount goes a long way
  • Affordable


  • Not readily available in stores
  • Contains paraben
  • Comes only in one shade


  • Start the application by just getting a tiny amount then work your way of adding more, little by little until you achieve your desired coverage
  • Blend right away with light fingers, I usually use my index and middle fingers


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  1. it really gives u natural look and it has long lasting effect.. i really have to try it soon.. thanks for sharing.. ikaw na tlga d best wen it comes to make up 🙂


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