7 Online Shopping Tips to Avoid Counterfeit Goods


Nowadays we opt to avail for products and services in the most convenient ways possible. I mean why bother going out looking for bags, wallets and other stuff (especially if the brand is not available in the country), if you could just browse Instagram shops in the comfort of your own home. With just a tap of a finger, you can select that product you like, pay via on-line bank transfer, credit card or through your nearest remittance center and then just wait until your package come to your doorstep.

I myself is an online shopper for years now. Though most of my transactions were fast and legit, I also experienced being wronged twice. So based from my own experiences, here are my tips that I hope would prevent you for purchasing  fake items.

1. Do not Trust Easily.

Well established online shops is not a guarantee that you will not be able to avail fake items.

I purchased a fake power bank from a well known online shop before. Given that it has credibility and clearly stands for the authenticity of its products, I gave my full trust. Luckily, they are kind enough to immediately entertain my concern and return my money back. They put the blame on the vendor where the item came from. Though I think that it wasn’t a valid excuse, I’m still glad that they were very attentive and sorry for the inconvenience they have caused me.

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Skinfood Premium Lettuce & Cucumber Watery Toner


Toning is part of a skin care regimen done after cleansing the face. Ladies, no matter how thorough we wash our face still not all of the dirt are being taken away. So, Hooray for Toners!

Facial toners act as the “second wave” of the cleansing process because it ensures to remove the  deep seated dirt and grimes from the face. Toners also helps in shrinking large pores and balancing the skin’s PH level which is being disturbed by soaps or other facial cleansers.  Moreover, skin feels refreshed after applying a toner.

Personally, I am very fond of using the Premium Lettuce & Cucumber Watery Toner from Skinfood. I featured it on my Evening Skin Care Routine blog, just click on these ❥ ❥ ❥ in case you have not read it yet.


For me, the packaging is very unique that is why I became interested about it in the first place. The container is made of hard plastic but you can totally squeeze it to make the product dispense quickly. Sanitation wise, the hole where the product comes out was sealed the first time I opened it. The cap really secured the product well.

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About the Blogger

Rosalie Tiu Apostol or Chichi is a typical modern Filipina with a mix of Chinese blood in her. Grew up from a loving family and filled with happy childhood memories, she turned out to be a person of positivism. 💮 💮 💮


Aside from being a licensed teacher, she earned a degree in Psychology at Philippine Normal University – Manila as a scholar. Currently working as an Executive Assistant in a private university.

She is happily married to her long time buddy and have a bunch of friends that makes her life much fun. 💮 💮 💮

Chichi loves makeup, skin care, simple fashion, eating and taking pictures As an outgoing person by nature, she enjoys travelling and meeting new friends along the way. Her curiosity makes her eager to learn, try and experience new things.

Her blog is the realization of her belief that sharing ones opinions and experiences can help others in every way possible. She hopes that her articles could serve as guide and inspiration to her fellow makeup enthusiasts, foodies and travelers.

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It’s Skin Haul

Anyong ha se yo! 

Let me tell you that in the past months, I noticed that all the Korean products that I have been using weather makeup or skin care did not caused me skin allergies. Instead, I feel that my skin is in it’s much healthier state more than ever. 

The items that I am going to feature are all Korean made that was given by a very generous friend of mine and apparently supports my vanity *laughs! My reviews and thoughts about each items will be up in my succeeding blogs. Let’s start! 


 ♥ Makeup  

Can someone tell me WHY? Korean packaging’s are so cute?! … Just kidding, but I know you agree right?! 🙂

Makeup Edited

Part of the It’s Skin Baby face collection are the following: ♥ Petit Mascara  ♥ Creamy Lip Liner in the shade #03 and  ♥ Petit Pact in the shade Natural beige which unfortunately is dark for my skin tone, but as what Tim Gunn always says; I will make it Work hehe!

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