About the Blogger

Chichi Tiu Apostol is your typical girl, modern Filipina with a touch of Chinese blood in her. Grew up from a happy family with fond childhood memories, she turned out to be a bubbly person to her family and friends. 

A licensed teacher and Psychology graduate at Philippine Normal University – Manila as a scholar. Currently working as an Executive Assistant in a private university.

She is a fur-mom to a miniature poodle named Domo, happily married to her long time buddy, Ryan and have a bunch of friends that makes her life much fun. 💮 💮 💮

Chichi loves makeup, skin care, and food As an outgoing person by nature, she enjoys travelling and meeting new friends along the way. 

She hopes that her blog may serve as guide and inspiration to her fellow self-care enthusiasts, foodies and travellers.

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For collabs and projects, Email at chichiapostol@gmail.com


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