How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Cake


Brides nowadays … yes, I meant bride alone because usually the groom just agree with anything their soon to be wife wants *big grin* … wanted to have unique weddings and everything to be personalized as much as possible.

For Catholics like me, the tradition of cake cutting is one of the most important parts of the wedding reception. It symbolizes the couple’s commitment to each other, good luck and fortune. So, better have a pretty and unique one!

How to pick the right wedding cake?

Below are the tips that will help you single out the perfect cake out of all your possible choices. These are all based from my personal experience during my wedding planning.

  1. Look for Inspirations.

If by the time of your wedding planning and you already know exactly what cake you want with the details and all, I envy you girl. But if you are clueless, then I suggest look for inspirations. Be-friend Google, read and scan wedding magazines, check out Pinterest and Instagram. I’m sure that you will find something unique.

  1. Set your Budget and Work With it.

Remember, the worth of a cake doesn’t guarantee a happy married life. If you can afford an expensive one, go and splurge! It is your wedding anyway. If you have limited resources on the other hand, trust your taste.  You can have a simple but elegant cake without spending more.

  1. Attend Wedding Expo’s and Events.

You will need a LOT of options babe. During wedding events, you will meet wedding suppliers together with their services up close and personal. You can ask details from them and avail big discounts especially if you book right there and then. I remembered attending two wedding expo’s that made me found my florist, wedding cake, photo booth, and photo-video suppliers.

Aside from freebies that you will get and prizes that you can win, my favorite part is the food, wine and cake tastings. I remembered having a conversation with Ms. LJ Moreno because she offers cake pops as wedding favors; she is so nice by the way.

  1. Do not just focus on the design.

The look of your cake is as important as its taste. Be sure that the cake itself is tasty and moist.

  1. Let your cake define you as a couple

Since your wedding is about you and your fiance’, let your cake reflect your personalities as individuals and as a couple. Know the things you have in common and translate them in your centerpiece.            

Our Wedding Cake

Below is the photo of our actual wedding cake.


And this is the original one from the website of Hearts and Bells which was my cake supplier.


Above is the original look of the cake. As you can tell we just did a little modification because I and Ryan love the designs already.  The colors and designs portray happy thoughts like what we have during our five years of relationship. I avoided the topsy turvy effects because for me it reflects instability; I am quite a superstitious person you know hehe!. I also chopped off a layer because I do not want it to be too tall.


Since Ryan is a seafarer, we intended the male character to be like him in uniform. The mini me is a Chinese girl in a costume which represented a quarter of my nationality. We love how our wedding cake turned out. Hearts and Bells did exactly what we requested.


It was a tropical carrot cake. Moist, delectable carrot cake made special with a generous amount of banana, pineapple bits, coconut shreds and cashew nuts folded in.

Hearts and Bells has their Showrooms at Binondo Manila and the Wedding Library at SM North Edsa and SM Megamall.



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