Baby Face Collection from It’s Skin

WARNING!!! Cuteness Overload!


When was the last time that you smiled  while staring into something? It may be weird for some but my heart skips a beat whenever I saw new makeup or skin care products especially if they have adorable packaging’s. Evidently, Korea is an expert with that.

Hello there! I am a super cute face powder


This compact face powder has two compartments. The first one is where the powder sits, see the pretty embossed design?


The second compartment holds the tiny but super soft  powder puff and the mirror.




Pucker Up!


Those sweet kiss marks on the cap, totally pretty! I love the shade of this lip liner, I actually use it as a lip stick because of its  good color pay off. It also leaves a subtle matte shimmer on the lips that lasts all day.


It is a retractable type of lip liner with a lip brush on the other end.It adds an extra kick to my look. I have the shade #03.

Let’s get Cutey Black!

It is my first time owning a mascara contained in a soft tube. I found it much easier to shake and squeeze rather than the traditional plastic containers. It is indeed petite-shaped which makes it very comfortable to hold.


The mascara itself is jet black with a liquidy consistency. The application is a breeze and it forms no lump in between the lashes which is a good thing. Just give it a few seconds to dry completely and you are good to go.

I am also a fan of it’s thin wand, it makes the lashes look longer and the effect is long lasting too. 

My favorite part is how easy it is to remove during cleansing time.

Pardon me guys if I cannot provide you with price of each item because they were just given to me by a friend who had been to Korea recently. Right now, Althea Korea is not carrying this collection. Check out Amazon, I’m sure you can find these items there. 


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