Let’s Talk PINK!



If you are a fan of Victoria’s Secret products and aiming to be a VS angel even just for a day or captivated by the cuteness of Hello Kitty, there is a 100% chance that you love PINK!

Psychology says that the color pink is a sign of hope. It is a color of warmth, comfort, calmness, kindness and empathy. I say that pink among all other colors best represents the character of women today. We are not plain and voiceless as WHITE may imply nor too intense as RED. However when the two colors combined, it creates a subtle color. A perfect mixture of  wit, femininity and toughness that makes us unique and edgy. Pink is not my favorite color but as a woman it will always be beautiful to me.

And so in this blog, I will be featuring personal things that are not just plain pinks but glossierpinks!


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Crazy Over Matte Polish! Featuring Bobbie Top Coat

I am OBSESSED into something and it’s been going for months now. I just got addicted and I cannot do anything about it…

BAM! This is the culprit *laughs!


This matte top coat is from the brand Bobbie which you can easily find at Watsons especially the ones inside the department stores. Ugh! This is my Holy Grail nail product. Why?! Because its Matte, Affordable at P43.00 per 15 ml bottle and it Dries Quickly.

Plus it steps up of your nail game. Just put it on top of any nail polish and you’ll see how instantly it mattifies. I promise that it will give you the “ang lakas maka-sosyal” nail look. Some of my Instagram friends got hooked with it too when I posted a picture of my painted nails. Notice on the photos below how the finish of the polish turns from shiny to matte. 

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Shop Haul (Etude House, Leaders, Beauty Bar, Watsons and Mumuso)

How is it going guys?


I figured that a monthly haul will no longer be possible because for one, you’re home girl here is not a great big spender… in short I am not a rich person who shops whenever she wants (how I wish I could lol!). Secondly, I still have a number of items lined up for my review and impression for you guys. 

Last Saturday though I thought of doing just a little shopping since it was my rest day and a working lady deserves a treat once in a while (come on girls, support me here! *laughs). Okay, without further a do here are the items that landed on my hands.

First stop … Etude House


Drawing Eye Brow – P178.00

This is actually my second purchase of the Drawing Eye Brow from Etude House. The first one that I had was in dark grey while this one is in brown to match my current hair color.

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