Shop Haul (Etude House, Leaders, Beauty Bar, Watsons and Mumuso)

How is it going guys?


I figured that a monthly haul will no longer be possible because for one, you’re home girl here is not a great big spender… in short I am not a rich person who shops whenever she wants (how I wish I could lol!). Secondly, I still have a number of items lined up for my review and impression for you guys. 

Last Saturday though I thought of doing just a little shopping since it was my rest day and a working lady deserves a treat once in a while (come on girls, support me here! *laughs). Okay, without further a do here are the items that landed on my hands.

First stop … Etude House

Drawing Eye Brow – P178.00

This is actually my second purchase of the Drawing Eye Brow from Etude House. The first one that I had was in dark grey while this one is in brown to match my current hair color.

Next is Leaders

Sheet Masks – P78.00 each

First seen this Korean brand from Ms. Say Tioco. Say is a beauty youtuber who claims to be addicted to sheet masks. It triggered my curiosity for I myself love sheet masks too (not to mention I am her fan). I picked up a Firming Mask with Collagen and an Anti-Trouble Mask with Green Tea. 

Makeup and Skin care shopping is not complete without dropping by at Watsons

No-Shine Mattifier – P99.00

It has come to my attention that the No-Shine Mattifier from Quick FX is by far the cheapest but performing makeup primer in the market. Well, we will see about that.

Carnival Mask – P 85.00 and Animal Whitening Mask – P89.00

More Korean sheet masks from Watsons yey! These masks are so cute as you can tell. The Carnival mask from the brand Kafka is for wrinkles while the cute Panda mask from Xilix is for whitening.

♣  Then at Beauty bar

HN Sun Flower Beauty Oil – P150.00 and Strawberry Purifying Facial Scrub – P100.00

Since I have heard good things about the Sun Flower Beauty Oil from Human Nature, I decided to get one for myself. I also picked up a facial scrub because I feel that my skin is in need of some expoliation lately plus I was captivated by the wonderful scent of the product. 

My last stop was at Mumuso

Remember my post regarding the shop? Link here. I should tell you guys that there is an ongoing controversy concerning the real score about them. Clearly the store claims that they sell Korean products but truth is (as some bloggers say) all their items are China made. Let me know your thoughts about it. 

Compressed Face Masks – P99.00

What I got from the shop are these candies! … no, just kidding. They are actually compressed face mask packaged like candies. I will talk more about this product on a separate blog. The other one is just a plain brush for my hair (very sensible … hehe!).



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