Crazy Over Matte Polish! Featuring Bobbie Top Coat

I am OBSESSED into something and it’s been going for months now. I just got addicted and I cannot do anything about it…

BAM! This is the culprit *laughs!


This matte top coat is from the brand Bobbie which you can easily find at Watsons especially the ones inside the department stores. Ugh! This is my Holy Grail nail product. Why?! Because its Matte, Affordable at P43.00 per 15 ml bottle and it Dries Quickly.

Plus it steps up of your nail game. Just put it on top of any nail polish and you’ll see how instantly it mattifies. I promise that it will give you the “ang lakas maka-sosyal” nail look. Some of my Instagram friends got hooked with it too when I posted a picture of my painted nails. Notice on the photos below how the finish of the polish turns from shiny to matte. 

Nail Polish used : Essence Colour and Go in 122 Chic Reloaded



These are some of the polishes that I used beneath the matte top coat. I love how they all turned out. 

Nail Polish used : Orly in Luxe and San San in Luxury Black



Nail Polish used : Oh My Girl (OMG) in Sunny Tan

This is the combination that I used often because I feel like tan nails looks very classic and it transforms into a satin finish when mattified. 


Nail Polish used : Etude House Play in #69


Nail Polish used : Bench Paint Box in Warm Clay



  1. Since this top coat is really fast drying, apply it as quickly and evenly as possible over your nail polish.
  2. Have a little patience and wait for your polish to completely dry before applying the top coat. This will make your manicure last longer and avoid chipping.
  3. One coat is enough.


8 thoughts on “Crazy Over Matte Polish! Featuring Bobbie Top Coat

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  1. Hi! I’e been looking for this Bobbie Matte Top Coat everywheeeeere. Where did you buy one? Please tell me the exact branch and I’ll go there </3 It works better than orly I guess. It can stay matte for two weeks. I had mine manicured couple of weeks ago and mine's still matte. I love it. Thanks for your review 😉


    1. Hi Kim. I got mine at Watsons SM Tayuman, (inside the Department Store) You know what? I am about to finish mine, that’s how I love it 🙂


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