Let’s Talk PINK!



If you are a fan of Victoria’s Secret products and aiming to be a VS angel even just for a day or captivated by the cuteness of Hello Kitty, there is a 100% chance that you love PINK!

Psychology says that the color pink is a sign of hope. It is a color of warmth, comfort, calmness, kindness and empathy. I say that pink among all other colors best represents the character of women today. We are not plain and voiceless as WHITE may imply nor too intense as RED. However when the two colors combined, it creates a subtle color. A perfect mixture of  wit, femininity and toughness that makes us unique and edgy. Pink is not my favorite color but as a woman it will always be beautiful to me.

And so in this blog, I will be featuring personal things that are not just plain pinks but glossierpinks!


Need I say more? These babies right here are not just pretty in pink. They also have a glossy and chunky handles for that nice grip. The bristles are so soft and I had no experience of fall outs when using them.  


Give way to the Hair Fairy! (… insert a tone of a magical wand). Some of you might agree that one day old hair is much easy to work with and looks good than a freshly washed hair. The thing is, depending on your shampoo or how much you perspire the fragrance of the hair tends to fade away. 


And then dry shampoos were invented (this kind of product is not popular in the country because Filipinos loves to take a shower everyday because of the humid weather) and this one is  one of a kind because it is proudly Philippine made from Marikina City. Yey!

Aside from the super cute packaging in pink, it smells so, so good as well in fruity floral scent. I will be posting a separate blog about this product very soon. 


This nail polish from Bobbie is on a lighter shade of pink but still rocks with just a hint of  gloss and shimmer. It will make your nails look  soft and feminine. The formulation of this polish in Harmony Hearstone is sheer but you can always intensify the color by adding a couple of layers more. 

Down here are my most used makeup in the categories of pink, shimmer and gloss.




If you are going to attend an evening social event or a special occasion like a wedding and you want to look extra glowing and radiant, you have to have this shimmer blush from Sleek. As most bloggers says, it is comparable with the NARS Blush in the shade orgasm.  Apart from the pretty shade it also has very fine specks of gold. I have a separate review about this blush as well as the two other products in this palette, just click these  ♥ ♥ ♥

img_6691Aiming for dolly pink lips? (1) Try this lipstick in the shade Ice Pink from Sophie Paris. This lippie is very moisturizing, easy to apply and pretty long lasting. 


If you are looking for a really long wearing soft pink lip color, (2) this one from Rimmel London in the Provocalips line in the shade 110 Dare to Pink is the one I can recommend. It is a 16 hour kiss proof lip color that first sets in a matte finish but then it comes with a gloss that you have to put on top. It serves as a coat for the lip color and of course for that extra shine.

Now if you are in the mood for a  glossy pink lip stick, (3) Maybelline has this one in the shade number 09. The shade will give you that innocent look and I have to say that even if it is not long wearing and you have to re-apply often, it smells really amazing. I can describe it as a sweetened melon scent. 


Macarons please! It’s Skin, a korean brand made this adorable blush in soft cream form. You just have to swirl the product using your fingers and apply it to your cheeks and even lips for that simple, dewy, glossy and radiant glow. To see other shades and my thoughts about this blush, just click these ♥ ♥ ♥


Want to have lashes on fleek? Let this Hyper Curl Volume Express Mascara from Maybelline do the job for you.This mascara is everyone’s favorite because it will not just let you lashes last until 24 hours, it will also look full and curly just like falsies do. Also, let us take a moment to appreciate the beauty of the packaging in glossy, metallic pink.


Another for the eyes is this creamy eyeshadow in #09 For Fairies from Essence. Just pop the product on your eyelids and you are done. Usually, I use my fingers during application because it allows the cream to warm up thus making the blending process quick and easy. Because it is cream based, it will last for hours in your lids.


Who’s up for a treat? These are actually dark chocolates stored in a pink Hello Kitty tin can. It’s just … wow 🙂


I got them as “pasalubong” (love the word, very pinoy) from a friend from Taiwan. Me and my cousins munched on them for i guess three seconds? *laughs! The tin can is totally reusable, it can be very good in storing little stuff. 

You might have noticed that I indicated the hashtag glossierpink in the title photo of this blog. For those who are not familiar yet, there is actually a newly established international makeup and skin care shop online. Glossier is a modern beauty brand creating essential products designed for real life, where their mantra is “skin first, makeup second, smile always.”

Right now, Glossier only ships their products to US and Puerto Rico but who knows they might ship to Asia particularly in the Philippines soon. 

Check out their pretty pinterest board:
Pinterest board: https://www.pinterest.com/glossier/glossier-pink/

Be particular with the products that they offer:

Remember woman, you are smart, beautiful, sexy, wise and strong! 


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