Coty AIRSPUN Loose Face Powder Review

img_7652While browsing my Instagram account I came across this product and saw some beauty junkies posting and talking about it. As I watch my favorite youtube local and international beauty bloggers, this was featured as well. So as you guys could already guest, I purchased one for myself to know what the hype is all about.

Basically, it is just an ordinary loose face powder used to set your foundation, beauty balm, color correcting creams, concealer and what not. Personally, I am not a fan of loose face powders because it annoys me whenever they scatter all over the place. But I thought since this one from C0ty looks so promising I decided to give it a try and little did I know… I would LOVE it! A LOT!img_8293

The product comes in a round plastic jar which have 65 grams of loose powder in it. I got mine from an online shop and it cost me P530.00. Based on the packaging, it is a product of the USA but it is made in China. I also found out from my readings that Coty is a known US brand since 1935 and it’s in the market until now (Also indicated in the packaging). Amazing right? This product sure has a reputation. 



This product has a wide shade selection to match every skin complexion, mine is translucent extra coverage. Other available shades includes:

  • Translucent
  • Naturally Neutral
  • Honey Beige
  • Muted Beige
  • Rosy Beige
  • Fragrance Free
  • Suntan

The cap of the jar is just a put on and off type, it does not have that screw-like thing on but it is pretty tight to seal in the powder. img_8297

It comes with a cotton-like white powder puff which is fluffy but no that soft. img_8292

Here’s a tip, use it as a cover to prevent the powder from  unintentional dispensing and scattering on the cap. I advise the use of a powder brush or a beauty blender to apply it on top of your base makeup. img_8296



So, what makes it different from all other loose powders in the market?

  • Unlike other loose powders that are already good on their own formula, Coty’s loose powder is being spun, I understand that it is another step to make the powder really fine. Kind of like taking it on the next level of smoothness (hope I am right). The particles are so fine that It does not make me sneeze whenever I  inhale some of it accidentally.
  •  It claims to hide tiny lines, wrinkles and blemishes and give a new softness to the skin which I found true but with the help of a foundation or any base makeup underneath.
  • I also used it on its own if I just want to have a very natural look, you know those times when I just have to go to a nearby grocery store.
  • I guess what I love mostly about this loose powder is how it controls oil build up on my face. I have combination skin and I noticed that it prevents the oiliness on my t-zone area.
  • Another thing that I love about it, is the fact that it does not affect the finish of the base makeup that I used. For instance, the foundation that I am loving right now is the Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation which provides a dewy finish, it still remains dewy on the face when topped with the airspun. 
  • Now, the only issue that some bloggers have about this loose powder is the scent. I agree that it smells like a little weird and old but honestly it is not so strong enough to bother me. 

I highly recommend this loose face powder especially to girls with oily to combination skin types. I can say that it is now one of my cult favorite makeup products. The price is just right for the amount of powder that you will be getting. The packaging is not travel friendly because of the cap issue but you can definitely work with it by letting the powder puff stay inside, serving as a double cover. 


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  1. I’m having a hard time finding a loose face powder. You just saved meeeee 💋💋💋 I’ll definitely give this a try. Although I kinda find the puff a bit difficult and messy to use. 😅 Can I just remove it and use a brush instead? What do you think?


    1. Hi Mirriam! You were absolutely right about the puff that is why I am using a powder brush instead. But I suggest you to still keep it inside because it is very useful from preventing the powder from ruining the cap 😉

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  2. I’ve heard this one is really a great product. Some of the bloggers who already tried using this product rave and says that it is a must and the best loose face powder they tried. And wow. Based on your review Ms. Chichi now I know how great this product is.  Huhu because last time I check on this one, it was sold out. Can’t wait to have this loose powder. Thank you for this awesome review Ms. Chichi! Have a good day and Godbless. ❤❤

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  3. I’ve been eyeing this product for quite sometime now. When I went to a bazaar last time, I saw this. Kaso they only have the translucent extra coverage which is the most popular shade. Kaso naghesitate ako kasi nakita ko made in China 😂😂😂 Saang online shop mo sya napurchase? ☺


    1. Hello sis! Sa Instagram shop ko sya nabili @christineandcamille Don’t worry, it may be made in China but the raw materials and quality are from US 😉

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