Korean Frozen Treats in Manila


The day after the new year’s day, hubby and I went to Lucky Chinatown mall to have lunch and look into some things. Before we leave the mall, we decided to check out their grocery store called Metro Supermarket and do a little grocery shopping. We went down to the ground floor (frozen and imported goods section) and we saw a chest freezer full of frozen desserts from Korea!!! All of them are made by the Korean company; Binggrae Co. Ltd.

The first one that caught my eyes is the ice pop from the brand Melona (P31.00). It is a fruit flavored ice pop that is so creamy, fruity and very tasty. The amount of sweetness is just right. 


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Miniso Raid (What’s inside the Store?)



Let us start the year 2017 pumpin’ by raiding a store! (Wait .. What?!) 😀

Seriously guys, my blog featuring the Mumuso Korean Store and everything inside it was a a bit of a hit for it gained a lot of views and responses from my readers. This time I will be featuring another new store and it is called the Miniso Japanese Store. This blog is actually a long over due one because I really had a hard time covering it (hush!* I got really sneaky there!).

Miniso is a lifestyle brand from Japan which promises to offer high quality products at affordable prices.Their store concept is very similar with that of Mumuso and Daiso where you can find random items for a lesser cost. It is also very comparable to Muji except for the price point. Every product inside the Miniso Store starts at only P99.00 while the rest are still budget friendly. There is a wide range of selection from makeup, skin care, food, electronics, gadgets, household items, toys, stationery and all other stuff you never knew you needed.


Let us start with the most adorable items that I found inside the Miniso Store!  img_0855

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