Korean Frozen Treats in Manila


The day after the new year’s day, hubby and I went to Lucky Chinatown mall to have lunch and look into some things. Before we leave the mall, we decided to check out their grocery store called Metro Supermarket and do a little grocery shopping. We went down to the ground floor (frozen and imported goods section) and we saw a chest freezer full of frozen desserts from Korea!!! All of them are made by the Korean company; Binggrae Co. Ltd.

The first one that caught my eyes is the ice pop from the brand Melona (P31.00). It is a fruit flavored ice pop that is so creamy, fruity and very tasty. The amount of sweetness is just right. 


Melona is available in four yummy flavors such as Strawberry, Honeydew Melon, Banana and Mango. We tasted the strawberry and honeydew melon and both were so good. Below is a photo where we were half way through the ice pop. It looked and tasted so good, I forgot to take a picture before taking our first bite.  


Next are ice cream sandwiches (48.00) from the brand Samanco. This treat has a fish like waffle shell with vanilla ice cream and strawberry jam stuffed inside.


This one has a vanilla and red bean jam sandwhiched on a waffle shell.


Another ice cream sandwhich is from the brand Pangtoa (48.00). It has a flavored ice milk cream in the center sandwhiched by two sponge cakes. This one is flavored cookie and cream (is this supposed to be “cookies?!”) anyway… 


this one is in choco chiffon flavor.


Another is this coffee flavored ice bar (P40.00) which the brand I cannot obviously understand. I have read that it is a smooth coffee ice cream with a crispy coffee coating. 


Another is this ice cream in a cone from the brand Meta. It is in the flavor strawberry and probably just like the Selecta Corneto products that we have in the country. 


Lastly for the frozen treats are these flavored ice bar/tube called Power Cap. Two flavors are available in the store, one is soda and the other one is banana. I think there is  a watermelon flavor too. 

On the other side of the freezer, we also saw packs of ready to cook frozen dumplings which are also from a korean brand called Wang Korea. Aside from steaming, these dumplings can be pan fried, cook in the microwave oven or can be incorporated into soup-based dishes too. 


Leek Dumpling (P209.00)


Vegetable Dumpling (P269.00)


Kimchi Dumpling (P225.00)

Other variants are shrimp (P269.00) and mushroom (P250.00) dumplings.

 If you know other places where these frozen treats are available, please let me know in the comment section. Thanks for reading!  

*** Update : I noticed in the official Instagram account of Melona (@enjoymelona) that they have their newest flavor which is Coconut. Ugh! Can’t wait to try it too 🙂


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