Skin Care made FUN! Bubble up with Elizavecca Carbonated Clay Mask

I love indulging my face on various sheet masks (mostly korean’s) because of countless reasons. Clay or mud types of masks however are not the best options for me because I feel like they are so messy to work with. Until I came across and became intrigued with the Elizavecca Milky Piggy Bubble Carbonated Clay Mask (whew! that’s  a mouthful!). This clay mask is not your ordinary “mud pack” kind of thing. Right after application, it instantly bubbles up like crazy until it dominates the entire face which sounds fun!

Elizavecca Cosmetics is a Korean brand and I actually have their Skin Liar Primer which I love. I do not know about the term “milky piggy”  and what it’s got to do with the product but it’s still cute so carry lang din (or maybe because pigs loves to play with mud like Peppa hehe!). It is said that the mask is carbonated for it contains carbonic acid, I searched it’s scientific definition and my mind collapsed lol! Just imagine fizzy drinks like your regular soda, it contains carbonic acid which makes it fizz and bubble up when opened. Some of this clay mask’s ingredients are green tea extracts and charcoal powder. I got it for P550.00 from Althea Philippines.

The product itself  is a clay-based mask that promises to deep clean the pores, makes the skin moist, soft and smooth. It is said to be suitable for all skin types. Read more below to know if these claims are true.


IMG_0160 1

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Review of the Original Beauty Blender : My Take on the Pink Egg

Everyone in the beauty community is familiar with this “legendary” pink, squishy, egg-shaped makeup sponge and the high price tag that comes with it. I purchased mine from Sephora Philippines hoping that it will be a game changer for me when it comes to foundation/concealer application and achieving a flawless base.


The beauty blender is contained in a see-through plastic canister with removable cap that has a tiny hole at the center. There is a small rounded pamphlet at the bottom part of the canister where the beauty blender sits. It basically tells you how to use and clean the makeup sponge.

Canister and BB


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The Party Tray Trend Feat. CCME Homemade Foodstuff Co.


Gone are the days when throwing for a party or a gathering in one’s place is a toxic and very tiring experience especially when it comes to food preparation. Thanks to  Food Caterers because finally there is someone who can do the heavy task of shopping food ingredients, do pre-cook preparations, cooking to dish presentation until clean up time. That means no more washing of huge pots and pans and cleaning up loads of food utensils.

But what if you will  just be having a simple get together or celebrate an occasion exclusively for friends or family members like birthdays, bridal and baby showers etcetera and hiring a caterer is not a practical thing to do?

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