The Party Tray Trend Feat. CCME Homemade Foodstuff Co.


Gone are the days when throwing for a party or a gathering in one’s place is a toxic and very tiring experience especially when it comes to food preparation. Thanks to  Food Caterers because finally there is someone who can do the heavy task of shopping food ingredients, do pre-cook preparations, cooking to dish presentation until clean up time. That means no more washing of huge pots and pans and cleaning up loads of food utensils.

But what if you will  just be having a simple get together or celebrate an occasion exclusively for friends or family members like birthdays, bridal and baby showers etcetera and hiring a caterer is not a practical thing to do?

This is where party trays can save you from spending almost the rest of your day in the kitchen. With just one call away, cooked meals of your choice will be arriving at your doorstep ready to be consumed by your guests. Ambers, Goldilocks, Inengs, Greenwhich and Pizza Hut  are some of the fast food chains that offers party tray deliveries.

Now, if you would like to got out of the usual and have a thing for home cooked meals version 2.0, let me introduced to you the CCME Homemade and Foodstuff Co. I just learned about this food company as I was browsing the web, looking for party tray providers. I got hooked from the positive reviews about them and even I am unsure of what the outcome would be, I tried their service for the first time this week and thank God the gathering we threw was a success.

CCME do catering services for weddings and special occasions but they also deliver party trays. Upon checking their website, I noticed that their dishes are very affordable and mostly Filipino . You can either order ala carte or avail their special food packages. I availed their Fiesta Espesyal Package (good for 20 persons) that composed of the following:

  • Boneless Chicken Relleno (1.2 kg. , sliced)
  • Beef Caldereta (2 kg.)
  • Embotido Grande (40 small slices)
  • Baked Macaroni (2 kg.)
  • Chopped Chicken in Green Peas and Quail Eggs (2 kg.)
  • Fruit Salad (2 kg.)


All these dishes only cost P3,370.00 plus P200.00 delivery charge (depending on the location). Since I learned that Chicken Pastel is one of CCME’s best seller aside from the Beef Caldereta, I changed the Chopped Chicken in Green Peas and Quail Eggs for it. I also changed the Baked Macaroni to Beef Lasagna.   


CCME accepts rush orders (1 to 2 days before) but they DO NOT DO on the  day deliveries. I strongly suggest to place your order a head of time  like 4 to 5 days before your party to be safe. The lady, Ms. Nora that picked up my call was very accommodating as well as their delivery guy. I find that their delivery fee is very affordable considering that their office is based at Tomas Morato Quezon City. 

I am so impressed that the food was delivered on time and still hot like it was just taken out of the stove. As the rider take out the dishes one by one (placed in a foil covered carton) , the yummy scent was already filling in the room. 



ALL as in all of the dishes I ordered were good and very tasty. Our visitors find it true as well. Compliments poured and questions as to where I ordered the food from. Each dishes were seasoned perfectly, not too salty or bland at all. The Ingredients were very generous from the viands to the dessert. 

Beef Caldereta 

Their Beef Caldereta was the most tastefully aromatic out of all the dishes. The beef was so tender that you can eat it by just using a spoon. The carrots and the potatoswere cut in perfect sizes and of course I cannot forget how creamy and tasty the sauce was.  No wonder this is one of CCME’s best sellers. 

Chicken Pastel

Another best seller! This Chicken Pastel is not your typical pastel, instead of chicken chunks in a creamy white base, CCME’s version is much more than that. The chicken was finely shredded combined with the rest of the ingredients in a creamy sauce. It is baked and covered by a dough. Very tasty!

Chicken Relleno

Their Chicken Relleno was not as phenomenally good as the first two dishes but it was still well-liked by our visitors. I like that the chicken was huge and prepared boneless. 

Embotido Grande 

I appreciated that unlike some other embotido which are too sweet or bland, this one just have the right seasoning and flavors. 

Beef Lasagna

One of the first dishes that has been wiped out from the table was the Beef Lasagna, this is also one of my favorites I must say. I like that the lasagna itself is a little bit chewy or just have the right texture because I hate over-cooked pastas. It is very meaty, cheesy and super tasty. 

Fruit Salad 

My compliments also goes to the very fruity, creamy and refreshing Fruit Salad (which the picture I forgot to take). Each serving was packed with fresh as in real fruit chunks. There are your typical fruits like pineapple, cherry, grapes and others but I love that it also have lychees and peaches too! One more thing that I like about the salad is the absence of raisins! (which might be weird for many because everybody loves raisins …well except from me lol!). 


The Fiesta Espesyal package that I ordered can cater 20 persons according to CCME, but personally I can say that it can serve 4 to 5 persons more. That is how generous their servings were. Based on my headcount, we were 18 in the party but we still have a decent amount of left overs. Not because the food was not great (because obviously they were awesome) but because of CCME’s generosity. 

I highy, highly recommend this party tray delivery provider to everyone. 


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