Brushes for Asian Eyes : ZOEVA Rose Golden Petit and Luxe Eye Brushes

The struggle is real when it comes on applying a decent eye makeup for monolid or hooded eyes which are common for Asian women. Being a part Chinese, I barely have a crease and my eye lids are too small. Everytime I attempt to apply a multi-colored eye shadow, the outcome was a disaster. It’s as if all the colors I put just pile up together onto my lids, no transition and no depth. I always ended up applying just a single colored eye shadow or not wearing anything at all.

It was until I realized that I have been using the wrong eye makeup brushes all along! The logic is simple, small eyes need small tools. Evidently, it took me a while before figuring this idea out.

Complete 1

Above are the gorgeous eye brushes from the Rose Golden Collection of the German brand, Zoeva. What made me buy these brushes aside from the fact that they are really pretty is the word “petit” on them.

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