Boracay Food Trip 2017

Apart from indulging yourself into fun water activities, experiencing the night life or just simply admiring the beauty of Boracay Island, another enjoyable thing to there is of course to EAT! In this blog, I will be featuring dishes and snacks that completed our Boracay escapade last summer.

Haven Bistro 

Part of the Boracay Haven Resort is the Haven Bistro situated at the beachfront of Station 2. They served sumptuous yet affordable american and asian dishes. The ambiance of the bistro is super nice and relaxing. 


Their lumpiang sariwa (fresh spring rolls) will surely entice your appetite by just looking at the colorful, fresh vegetables and it’s rich sauce with bits of toasted garlic.

Lumpiang Sariwa

Their baby back ribs in barbeque sauce with potato wedges and coleslaw on the side topped with corn kernels is delicioso! The meat is really tender (yung tipong humi-hiwalay sa buto) with just the right amount of sweetness to it. 

Baby Back Ribs

Served with pickled papaya and carrots is Haven Bistro’s version of Crispy Pata (deep- fried pork knuckles). By the looks of it, the skin part is crispy while the meat is tender and tasty. Though it was served with gravy, you can go ahead and help yourself choosing from their wide array of sauce mixtures available at the counter.


My favorite dish from the bunch is the pinakbet (mixed vegetables cooked in fish or shrimp sauce/paste) with fried camote chips and slices of pork. I love that it is so tasty and the vegetables were just half cooked.


Haven Bistro also serves fresh fruit juices, fruit shakes, cocktails (there are numerous bottles of Bacardi there) and soft drinks.

Group Shot
Group Shot with Hubby and my Tito’s and Tita

The staff, particulary thelady who attended to our needs was very polite and sweet. She even offered to take photos of us for souvenir.

Real Coffee & Tea Cafe

IMG_2170Opened in year 1996, Real Coffee and Tea Cafe is well known for their original Calamansi Muffin. It was previously located at Station 1 but they eventually transferred to Station 2, facing the beach for that picturesque view.


Their calamansi muffin is so moist and soft with just the right amount of sour taste to it. It is something that I would not be craving for all the time but it is good to finally have a taste of this famous Boracay snack.



Individually priced at P60-65.00 each, you can also buy these tasty calamansi muffins in boxes of six, perfect for pasalubong to your friends and family.


Real Coffee and Tea Cafe also serves breakfast meals and beverages like coffee, tea and fresh fruit juices and shakes. It’s was hilarious that Ryan ordered the calamansi muffin and fresh calamansi juice together, just imagined what his face was like at that time haha!



IMG_2171The whole place is made up of wood and bamboo which provides a very relaxing ambiance. There are cushions to make yourself comfortable and you will be entertained by tons of photographs of common people and celebrities who visited the cafe. As much as possible, try to avoid dining in here during the hot periods of the day because it can be humid inside. 

Merly’s Barbeque


Chori Burger

Another popular snack in Boracay that every tourist should try is the Chori Burger short for Chorizo (grilled pork sausage on a burger bun) claimed to be discovered by Merly’s Barbeque in 1988. Merly’s is just a barbeque stand that can be found  at the front of Casa Fiesta Resort. 


Aside from the classic chori and longga burgers, this barbeque stand also sells popular filipino grilled street foods like chicken and pork intestines, chicken liver, marinated pork, hotdogs and more. 


What makes these snacks more special are the sauces that you can freely consume in your heart’s content. There are sweet, spicy and extra spicy sauces. My favorite is the combination of sweet and spicy sauce. 


There are a couple of plastic table and chairs beside the barbeque stand so you can enjoy your grilled snacks while listening to the party music from nearby bars and clubs.


Breakfast Buffet at La Carmela de Boracay

La carmela de Boracay




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