Sunscreen and Primer in One! Biore UV Perfect Bright Face Milk Review

If there is one product that constantly touches my face every single day, it is this sunscreen from the Japanese brand, Biore. The brand has quite a reputation in terms of the effectiveness of its skin care products and how gentle they are in the skin. Let us look at the claims of this Biore UV Perfect Bright Face Milk one by one and I will let you know my thoughts about them.


Superior Double UV Block for Maximum Protection

With its Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 50 PA ++++, Oh yeah! I put this sunscreen to the test last summer when we went for a short vacation at Boracay. It was scorching hot there as we walked to explore the island and as we enjoyed the beach. Knowing that my sunscreen contains a sufficient amount of protection factor, I did not worry that my face will be totally damaged by the sun’s UV rays. Though my face and body in general became a little tan because of sun exposure, my skin recovered really fast and I did not experienced painful sunburns.


Ultra Light Texture

The consistency of this sunscreen is very liquidy and literally looks and feels like milk. The scent is okay, it’s not “perfumy” but it’s fine.

This little amount of product is good enough to cover my entire face including my neck area. What I do is I apply dots of it on my face and spread it afterwards; making sure that everything is covered.


It glides smoothly on the skin, and there is not a trace of any stickiness or tackiness even on my hands at all! In short, it’s “yucky” free unlike most of other sunscreens.    It’s like you just applied water mixed with a little amount of moisturizer on your face. Seriously, you won’t even feel that you are wearing a sunscreen, that’s how light it is.

Coverage for Pores and Skin Dullness

What I mostly love about this product aside from its high SPF, is how it instantly        improves the over-all look of my skin. It leaves an ample white-ish effect on my face       which makes it look even in terms of complexion. It also helps in blurring out my      pores as if I applied a primer. It gives me a glowing effect that sometimes (especially when my face is in it’s good state), I just put a transluscent powder over it and my base is done already.

Waterproof Formula

I really enjoyed my time in the island during my stay there. It means I went under water and did some activities, so yes I can say that this sunscreen is waterproof. Again, I did not experienced any form of skin damage caused by the sun aside from the change of my color so I am confident that the product stayed pretty long on my skin.


This is how the packaging of the sunscreen looks like. The pink plastic bottle contains 30ml of product that costs P400.00+ at Watsons. It is also available online like Lazada and Beauty Mnl. I found the price very economical because a little amount of the sunscreen goes a long way.

IMG_2620I am glad as to how the bottle was designed. The pointed tip where the product dispenses allows me to have a better control over the amount I just need.


If you are looking for a sunscreen that does not feel like you are wearing one and yet provides protection to your skin and helps in blurring out your pores, I strongly recommend this one from Biore as in two thumbs up you guys!

**** UPDATE (January 2018) It took me seven long months before I finished this sunscreen, it’s really amazing because I use the product every single day in all honesty. Now, I am up on my second bottle. Love, Love, Love this Biore Sunscreen! 🙂 



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