Benefit POREfessional Pro Balm Review

Hey Guys! Featuring in today’s blog is the best selling product of Benefit Cosmetics which is the ever famous POREfessional Pro Balm. This balm’s straight forward claim is to quickly minimize the appearance of pores and fine lines (ding ding ding!). But before the final reveal if this is indeed true, let me first talk more about the product. 

The POREfessional pro balm comes in three different sizes. The smallest is a 7.5 ml tube for P700.00, 22 ml tube which is P1,700.00 and the 44 ml (full size) one is P2,700.00. These are available on all Benefit stores nationwide, Sephora Philippines and other online shops.

IMG_3177The packaging is a squeezy tube which is what I prefer on most products because it allows me to dispense enough product, it’s hygienic and I can make use of the product up to it’s last drop. 

The tube is housed in a box which reveals the POREfessional action figure when you open the top part. Information that can be found in the box includes the ingredients and amount of product, manufacturing details, expiration date, and ways on how to use the balm. 


Hey there Detective! … or Inspector? Lol!


The consistency of the balm is silky. At first it appears to be brown-ish in color but it becomes translucent once blended to the skin. It is lightweight and leaves the skin smooth and silky. 


The POREfessional Pro Balm can be:

Used Under Makeup: Apply to moisturized skin to help makeup stay put. Focus on problem areas and blend with fingertips.

Used Over Makeup: Pat on lighlty over makeup and blend.

Used on Body: Blend on legs, bottom and tummy to minimize the appearance of flaws … so skin looks smooth and even.

Unlike ordinary primers, the POREfessional Pro Balm can also be applied over makeup and to some parts of the body as well (though I personally won’t do the last one because girl, this balm is expensive!).

So … the big question is … does this balm really minimize the appearance of pores and fine lines? The answer is …

YES IT DOES! In order to test if the balm can really minimize my pores, I used a micro lens to have a closer look of my skin. I focused the camera on my cheek  (particularly the area under my eye and close to the side of my nose) where I have visible pores. Please just ignore the redness going on hehe! 

As you can tell on the photos, my pores blurred out and looks less visible on the cheek with the POREfessional as compared to the one without. 



After proving that the POREfessional really live up to its description and claims, there is no reason why I wouldn’t be recommending this for you to try. This is indeed one awesome product that you need to invest in. However to those who are still studying or has limited resources at the moment, there are still good primers out there that do not cost a lot. Just keep looking and experimenting 😉

And of course …


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