Son & Park Beauty Water Review


This Beauty Water from the Korean brand Son & Park (by Korean make up artist’s Son Dae Sik and Park Tae Yoon) is one of those products that falls into my “Instagram made me buy it” list and I am so glad it did! It is a multitasker skin care genie that does a lot of work to keep the skin nice and healthy. Below are some of it’s uses and natural ingredients:

AS A CLEANSER The skin is cleansed thoroughly and gently with natural ingredients derived from coconut, corn, potato and wheat.

AS AN EXFOLIANT Willow bark and papaya extract renew the skin surface by lifting impurities and dead skin cells for brighter, smoother skin.

AS A MOISTURISER Formulated with lavender water, rose flower water and orange fruit extract to deliver intense hydration.

By just transferring some product on a spray bottle, it can be an instant facial mist to keep the skin fresh and hydrated especially during the summer season. It can also be used as a makeup remover to sweep away non-waterproof makeup products from the face. 

With it’s pH level of 4.5, I enjoyed using this beauty water as a toner and it had been part of my daily evening skin care routine until my 60 ml bottle (P350.00) ran out huhu! I love it so much that I just pre-ordered the full size version of it which is a 340 ml bottle (P1,100.00).



The Son & Park Beauty Water is gentle on the face even though it acts as an exfoliant. It did not irritated my senstive skin, absolutely no breakouts and sting at all. I actually love how it double cleanses my face and leaves it hydrated and fresh. I also noticed that my face became smoother and soft, my tiny bumps were eliminated as in really guys.

It has a subtle citrusy/fruity scent which I  love for it smells so clean. The packaging which is a clear plastic bottle with twistable cap is just simple and sleek. I did not get rid of my empty 60 ml bottle for I am planning to pour in some product on it (from the full size bottle) and bring it with me when I travel. 

The only downsides are: (1) It contains paraben  and (2) it’s unavailability in most countries like the Philippines but thanks to online shops nowadays! 😀


I absolutely recommend this beauty water from Son & Park for it provides a lot of skin care benefits in just one bottle, so cool and sulit!


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