Miniso Haul (What Items I got and Why I love them all)

Hey Dolls!

If you haven’t read my blog about the Japanese Store MINISO yet (I actually raided it lol!), just click these hearts and you will go straight to the article ♥♥♥. Without further ado  below are the items that I purchased from the store which are pretty random. Most of it are with me for quite a while now so I will also be sharing how did they perform. 


Makeup Paddle Brush (P99.00) The bristles of this brush is soft enough for my sensitive skin, it blends my foundation well on my face and leaves no streaks at all. 


Cotton Pads (P99.00) Being a skin care and makeup enthusiast, I cannot have too many cottons pads. This one from Miniso is a steal considering the number of pads in one pack. Though this particular variant does well, I recommend you to get the green variant because it is much more durable. 


Hygiene Wet Wipes (P99.00) For just less than a hundred peso, you will get 80 pieces of wet towelletes in this pack, such value for money. The quality of each wipe is awesome! It does not dry up quickly and has no pungent scent. 


Nail Polish Remover Wipes (P99.00 for 2 pieces) That’s a total of 80 sheets in there! The variant that I have is blueberry but it actually smells like cotton candies, it leaves my nails clean and fragrant. The formula that dissolves the nail polish does not contain acetone or any harsh chemicals. The pads are neither greasy nor sticky. Super love this one! 


Charcoal Cotton Swabs (P99.00) The moment I read “charcoal” I said to my self that I have to get this tub and there are 300 swabs in it. It will take us forever before we finish using all the swabs, so why not?! 



Lazy Pod (P150-P200.00) This piece of equipment is of great help for me especially when I am recording small clips for my Instagram stories, I can go hands free! It’s sturdy and convenient to use. 


Wide and Macro Lenses (P99.00) Honestly, I did not expect that these lenses will perform nicely but I  shooked! I just clip them on my phone’s camera and it already did magical effects on my photos. 


Phone Holder/Mini TriPod (P99.00) Another great helper! It functions really well, very handy and sturdy. 


Smart Grip for Gadgets (P99.00) This purchase is actually from my husband, he places it at the back of his mobile phone. It serves as a stand and a “gripping” tool for his hand. 


Wrislet (P99.00 each) Yes! This well made faux leather wrislet is only P99.00. I love it’s size where I can fit in my phone, card holder, coin purse, alcohol, hanky and keys. The tassel detailing makes it “cuter”, the zipper is of good quality too. 


Adorable Mugs (P99.00 each) Be the judge! These mugs are freaking adorable and very Instagram worthy! And for the price, they are of really good quality. No hard edges or rough surfaces both inside and out.


Place Mats (P99-P150.00 for 2 pieces) I told you this haul is random 🙂 I just love these place mats because of it’s color. I have been using these for a while now and they did not change their quality ever since I bought them. 


Slippers (P99.00) Probably one of the softest pair of slippers ever! These are very comfortable to wear and I love how it was designed. 


That’s it guys. As you can tell, this haul does not include any skin care product or cosmetic item. You all know that I have sensitive skin and I am not yet confident to try out such products without making sure that they will not irritate my skin whatsoever. If you haven’t been to Miniso yet, please visit any branch near you and see for yourself how affordable and good their products are (they are from Japan girl so expect good quality merchandise). 



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