Mama Lou’s Italian Kitchen

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If you are reading this blog, I am pretty sure that you are wondering what good eats Mama Lou’s Italian Kitchen has to offer or you simply craves for anything Italian. Whatever the reason is, you are in the right page. From a friend’s recommendation our group decided to spend our lunch at Mama Lou’s last Saturday. 


For just a little background, Mama Lou’s is not a newly established restaurant which is what I thought of at first. Before they started putting up branches on various malls like in Ayala Vertis North where we dined, it’s first branch is located somewhere in Las Piñas City called Cafe Francais.

They later on relocated into a much bigger space but also within Las Piñas area and the name was change to Mama Lou’s Italian Kitchen because of the passing of Ms. Marilou Tremblay, the late wife of French-Canadian Mr. Richard Tremblay (the founders).


While waiting for our orders, we were given complimentary snacks which comprises of 2 baskets of sliced breads and dips (two of each kind). My favorite is the pesto sauce because it leaves a cooling sensation on the palette and the other one is a tomato-based sauce which is too sour for my taste. 

Complimentary Snack

For appetizer we tried the bacon poutine which is basically potato fries topped with generous (thick) slices of bacon, mozzarella cheese and a rich gravy. Super yummy! Good thing we ordered two servings of this dish.

Bacon Poutine (P195.00)

What is an Italian meal without a pizza right? I am a huge fan of super thin pizza dough so it’s no surprise that I enjoyed munching their pizzas. This Mama Lou’s Special pizza is tomato-based with mozzarella cheese, arugula, Italian cured ham called prosciutto and mango finished with balsamic cream. It’s like an explosion of different flavors in the mouth. Definitely, this is not your typical kind of pizza. 

Big Mama Lou’s Special Pizza (P450.00)


Another tomato-based pizza is the Quatro Formaggi, it has four kind of cheese on it hence the word “quatro”. It has mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese, blue cheese and a mild creamy cheese with a firm white skin called brie.

Big Quatro Formaggi Pizza (P425.00)


Mama Lou’s Pizza’s are served with small plate of arugula leaves and alfalfa sprouts and I find the idea really brilliant! The unique individual flavors of each veggie compliments the flavors of the pizza’s. I also discovered that alfalfa sprouts are yum! I haven’t really tried eating alfalfa sprouts before so its nutty flavor and crunchy texture blew me away. 

Sides: Arugula and Alfalfa Sprouts

I finished the two plates of alfalfa sprouts alone, lucky me because my friends are not a fan (evil laugh!).


Again, what is Italian dining without pasta! Italian pastas are always cooked firm “al dente” and are full of flavors. The first pasta dish that we ordered is the Spaghetti Seafood Olio. It is an olive oil-based dish with ample pieces of mussels, clams, shrimps and squids. Every seafood ingredient is tender with the taste of their natural saltiness and sweetness. Mi Favorito!

Spaghetti Seafood Olio (P335.00)

One of Mama Lou’s best sellers is their Italian Sardine Pasta which is also an olive oil-based dish, another favorite of mine. 

Italian Sardine Pasta (P275.00)

We also asked for a tomato-based pasta which is this Spaghetti Bolognese. It’s rich and tasty.

Spaghetti Bolognese (315.00)

For dessert, we indulge ourselves on various Mama Lou’s cake slices. The restaurant nailed their sweets too! 

Mama Lou’s Raspberry Cheesecake (P180.00)
Mama Lou’s Mango Cheesecake (P180.00)
Chocolate Cake (P160.00)
Italian Tiramisu (P160.00)

As what we said after we are finished with our meal … “walang tapon!” because everything is so good! This restaurant is really a must try! As early as now, we are already planning when we will come back to taste more of the dishes inside Mama Lou’s Italian Kitchen menu. 


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