Samgyupsalamat (Korean Restaurant)

Hey Foodies!

Whose up for a meat-a-palooza?! Featuring in today’s blog is a Korean Restaurant where Ryan and I dined during our anniversary last week and it is called Samgyupsalamat (Samgyeopsal+Salamat) located at Malate, Manila. For those of you who are not yet familiar, Samgyeopsal is a popular Korean dish consist of pork belly slices. These fatty pieces of meat are either marinated or not and grilled at the lunch/dinner table. So, how it is being prepared and eaten? Keep reading and I will show you how. 


We availed the Unlimited Korean Barbecue Dinner for two. For just P499.00 per head, you can enjoy five kinds of pork and four types of beef over and over again in your tummy’s content (2 kinds of meat will be served at a time) service fee and tax included. All the sides dishes are unlimited too and that explains why our table is oh so full! You also have the option to order ala carte but I think that availing their unlimited offers is more sulit! Samgyupsalamat also serves Soju and Soft drinks (excluded in the unlimited offer). 

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How I Prep my Skin for Makeup?!


In this blog, I will be sharing with you how I prepare my skin for makeup application in just four quick, uncomplicated steps and by only using lightweight, gentle yet effective skin care products. 


Just like why a painter needs a clean canvass in order to create his masterpiece, a well prepped and nourished skin is likewise important because the better your skin to begin with, the better your makeup will look. Lets Start!!

STEP 1 : Cleansing the Face

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