How I Prep my Skin for Makeup?!


In this blog, I will be sharing with you how I prepare my skin for makeup application in just four quick, uncomplicated steps and by only using lightweight, gentle yet effective skin care products. 


Just like why a painter needs a clean canvass in order to create his masterpiece, a well prepped and nourished skin is likewise important because the better your skin to begin with, the better your makeup will look. Lets Start!!

STEP 1 : Cleansing the Face


What I love using  when prepping is the Cosrx Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser. From the name itself, this cleanser in gel form has a low pH level of only 5.0! Meaning, it is gentle enough not to strip off the skin’s natural oils and most of it’s moisture. This is the same reason why I don’t feel the need to use a toner anymore.

One of it’s botanical ingredients is Tea Tree Oil which is known in treating and preventing acne. Did you know that tea tree oil also helps in treating warts? Yes it does! This is because of its antiseptic and antiviral properties that fights the virus causing warts.  I have a separate review of this product (click here)

STEP 2 : Applying Lip Balm


Right after cleansing, what I do next is apply lip balm. The Ultra Conditioning, Hypo-allergenic lip balm from Burt’s Bees prevents my lips from chapping and makes any lip product to glide on smoothly.

STEP 3 : Putting on Moisturizer


A moisturizer to be applied under makeup should be lightweight and easily absorbed by the skin. The iWhite Aqua Moisturizer Whitening Vita has a water based formula that provides deep hydration. The consistency of this product is very light and easy to blend. It’s just like water splashed on the face. It contains active ingredients that helps prevent premature aging, protects from cellular damage and maintains the firmness of the skin. Remember, a well hydrated skin is one of the keys in having a plump and glowing skin that turns into a perfect base.

STEP 4 : Applying Sunscreen


To all my fellas out there, never as in never go outdoors without a sunscreen or sunblock on. This is because I cannot tell you enough how the sun’s UV rays can damage and age our skin. This is like one of the golden rules of skin care!

Usually, sunscreens/sunblocks tends to be thick, heavy and sometimes leaves our face naturally white. But don’t fret! This product from Biore which is the UV Perfect Bright Milk with SPF 50 PA+++ is super light and as in … barely there.

I use this product every single day under my makeup or even on my bare face. A little amount of this product is all you need. I also love how it provides a priming effect which blurs out my pores. I have a separate review of this product (click here)

BONUS STEP : Putting on Facial Sheet Mask


Whenever I have a special event or occasion to attend to, the night before that day I usually put on facial sheet mask. I prefer those with moisturizing and brightening effect so that the next day, my face becomes extra radiant and glowing.

If you want to see how I use all the products that I mentioned in this blog in action, just click this link and you will be automatically directed to my Youtube channel.

There you have it guys! Mmmmuuuaaahhh :*



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