Asakusa Home of Tempura


Shogun Set (Black Tiger Prawns) P578.00 for 5 pieces

I consider Japanese dishes as one of my comforts foods. I love that everything is served fresh and prepared with intricacy and beauty. Me and my food buddies came across a new Japanese Restaurant in Vertis North Ayala Mall called Asakusa with “home of tempura” as their tagline. Asakusa is actually a name of a district in Taito, Japan. As what the restaurant’s tagline dictates, their specialty is tempura be it ebi (shrimp), other kinds of seafood and vegetables. 


You can have the option to mixed up different kinds of tempura and create your own set  complete with the sides and sauces. In our case we decided to have two orders of the  Shogun Set consists of five pieces of black tiger prawns, 2 mixed rice and 2 drinks. We just ordered extra rice and drinks for we are a group of five.

The black tiger prawns are huge and covered by a thin, light batter that is oh so crispy!

Aside from tempura, Asakusa also offers authentic Japanese dishes such as soba’s, different kinds of maki’s, gyoza, desserts and more. Below are the dishes that we ordered from their menu which also serves as place mats just like Tim Ho Wan.

Gyoza P218.00 for 6 pieces

These gyoza’s are the best! They are so tasty, moist and rich in flavor especially when dipped in it’s sauce. Definitely one of my favorites!

Salmon Maki P318.00 for 8 pieces

Fresh salmons are naturally creamy and oozing with flavor on its own. Together with Japanese rice, salmon eggs, mayonnaise, nori and more …  I’m in nirvana! We requested for the dish to be served to us half spicy and half plain.

Salmon Maki P318.00 for 8 pieces
Chicken Karaage Teriyaki P288.00 for 8 pieces

Out of all the dishes that I tasted, this is my least favorite just because I’m not a fan of sweet dishes. The chicken though is tasty and tender, it is covered by a sweet teriyake sauce. 

California Maki P238.00 for 8 pieces

What make these california maki’s unique from maki’s of other Japanese restaurants is the sprinkles of crispy tempura batter flakes. Dip it in the soy sauce and oh la la! 🙂

Asakusa offers only two kinds of desserts for now and we tasted both of it. 

Valrhona Chocolate Brownies with Green Tea Ice Cream P158.00
Coffee Jelly P118.00



Overall, we enjoyed our food trip at the Asakusa Home of Tempura Japanese Restaurant. Every dish were prepared very nicely and beautifully. The staff and the ambiance is great. Lastly, their black tiger prawns tempura is the bomb! Every piece of tempura is huge, battered, fried and served in perfection. The gyoza’s are really good too! 



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  1. The tempura looks amazing! Haven’t been to Vertis North recently (I’ve seen their The Grove by Rockwell branch in front of Tiendesitas, however), so I’ll try to stop by when the wind brings me to the North haha


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