Heroine Make Mascara Remover Review


Heroine Make is a Japanese brand mostly known for their waterproof, smudge proof and long lasting mascaras. I’m a huge fan of the brand because their products are really of high quality and stay true to its promise (my review of the Heroine Make Volume and Curl mascara here). So here’s the dilemma, how to remove a stubborn, hard to remove waterproof mascara from our lashes without losing a single strand?!  

Well, Heroine Make is clever enough to produce it’s own mascara remover that can deal with their waterproof mascara and mascaras from other brands as well.

What’s good about it?

  • Packaging is pink and cute.
  • It has a unique plastic wand with grooves/ridges that effectively dispenses the colorless formula to the lashes. 
  • So easy to use. 
  • It’s effective and spared me from damaging my eye area by frequent washing and rubbing off my waterproof mascara. 
  • Melts down even waterproof mascaras from other makeup brands. 

What’s not good about it?

  • It has a weird scent. 
  • It’s not affordable and widely available in the Philippines, you can buy it a lot cheaper from online shops and mostly pre-ordered from Japan so you have to wait a little longer. 

How to use it? Just apply the mascara remover on your lashes the same way mascara is being applied, wait for 3 to 4 minutes and rinse OR wipe off with a cotton pad. 

Do I like it? YES!


Overall Impression: I appreciate that Heroine Make came up with their very own mascara remover, probably because they know that their mascaras are really hard to get rid of. I am beyond satisfied with the product because it makes my night time routine easier for days I wear waterproof mascara. Though Heroine Make is considered as a drugstore brand,  I can say that it’s price point is in between a drugstore and high-end makeup brand. 

Where to buy and how much?  P550.00 – P600 from online shops, mostly pre-ordered. You can also have it with the Heroine Mascara on a single pack. 

How about you, how do you remove your waterproof mascara?



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