Kris Life Kit: Kris Aquino’s Ever Bilena Collection

Ms. Kris Aquino’s newly launched makeup collection in collaboration with local makeup brand, Ever Bilena is the talk of the town in the beauty community today. The collection includes a Brow Liner with Brow Mascara and a Matte Crayon Lipstick in two shades each. I got myself one shade of each product to see if they are of good quality despite the very affordable price tag. These are actually the very first Ever Bilena products that I purchased so I’m kinda excited what my impressions would be. 

The Kris Brow and Brow Mascara comes in two shades which are Happy Taupe and Beyond Brown. Based on the reviews that I have watched, bloggers said that the shade Beyond Brown appears to be too dark and has a reddish undertone which nobody likes. 

The Kris Matte Matic Lipstick also comes in two shades. They are Life – a Pink shade and Love in Red. Since I don’t fancy wearing red lipstick on a daily, I chose Life because it is more wearable. 

The packaging of these products are really nice, it shouts KRIS AQUINO with all the pink hearts and ‘lovelovelove” phrases. Each box has a protective plastic so you would know that it’s entirely new. At the bottom part of the box, you will find the shade and shade name of the product. 

The Kris Brow Liner and Brow Mascara is very convenient to use because it’s already a two in one product. The shade Happy Taupe is the perfect shade for my current hair color and I guess will also compliment any hair color because it’s very natural looking. The brow liner is easy to apply on the brows, it’s not waxy and manageable to use. The tip of the liner is a tear-shaped one just like my favorite Etude House brow pencil.

The Brow Mascara did not disappoint me as well. I appreciate that its color is the same exact shade of the brow liner, making the brows look more fuller and natural. The brush is also something that I love! Since its small, it allows me to work on my brows as precise as I want. 

— UPDATE (06.16.18): After a week of using the brow liner non-stop, I found out that the pencil easily breaks, oh dear! Better to use a light hand during application and avoid exposing too much product. —

After 10 hours of wear time, my brow makeup never budged at all! It is long wearing. If this product comes with a spoolie, it will be beyond perfect! Though I wonder, saan pa nila ilalagay yun girl? Hehe. 

See? My brows compliments my hair color really well. 

I wore the Kris Matte Matic Lipstick in the shade Life everyday since I had it and I’m actually wearing it right now as I’m making this article .. that’s how I’m loving it. The shade is a kind of Pink that anyone in all skin tone can wear for it’s just a simple color and really flattering, MLBB!

The product is a twist up crayon lipstick which has a not too creamy formula ( I hate super creamy lipsticks) there’s definitely no tugging during the application process. Its  easy to apply and makes the lips healthy looking. I have really dry lips but this lipstick never emphasize any of the dryness, it kind of conceal it in the contrary. 

I noticed though that this lipstick is not really “in your face matte”. It’s very comfortable to wear, hydrating and appears to have a kind of shine once applied on the lips. It appears matte on the swatch but it’s a different story once worn. I like it this way actually.  

You should also need to know that this lipstick transfers and not as long wearing as the brow liner and brow mascara (the product does not have a claim anyway). You need to re-apply after eating so as to keep it pretty as the first application. The color pay-off of this lipstick is pretty good. 

As you can tell on the photo, my lips looks healthy with a subtle shine. 

I’m actually surprise that despite Ms. Kris Aquino’s  involvement with this collection, the products are all affordable, that students to working women can afford. The Kris Brow Liner and Brow Mascara retails for just P275.00 while the Kris Matte Matic Lipstick is only P245.00. 

Overall, I have nothing bad to say about the products that I have tried from the Kris Life Kit. Both products are really nice and of good quality from the packaging to their actual performance despite the affordability. The brow products and the crayon lipstick combo, delivers a natural looking makeup from students to office girls. 

Have you tried any products from the Kris Life Kit Collection? What’s your favorite?


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