Troiareuke Aesthetic Start Kit

If you are a Korean Beauty enthusiast or should I say “addict”  (laughs!), I’m sure that the Korean online shop Style Korean is not anymore a stranger to you. Recently, they concluded a review event and I was one of the lucky bloggers who got picked to try the Aesthetic Start Kit from the Korean brand Troiareuke. 

Honestly speaking, I haven’t heard about the brand until Style Korean introduced it to me. Based on my little research, I have found out that: Troiareuke takes its name from the ancient Greek word for “foundation,” and believes that a person’s emotions and external environment play a big role in skin health. Troiareuke offers holistic solutions such as chroma therapy, aromatherapy and herb therapy for skin concerns such as aging, darkening, blemishes, dryness and sensitivity. The cruelty-free brand manufactures all its products in Korea.

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