Must Try Japanese Skin and Eye Care Products

Going to Japan and wondering what skin and eye care stuff to bring home? Read along 🙂

1. Senka (Shiseido) Miracle Whip Foam Cleanser – This foam cleanser literally foams like crazy! Just a teeny tiny amount is all you need to cover your entire face and neck. The lather it makes is so soft to the feel. Surprisingly, the whip does not make my skin dry despite its pH level of 8.0 which is high for a cleanser. Instead, it always leave my face nice and clean. Price: ¥346 (P200.00) Lazada: P390 – P420.00. 

  • Tip: 1. Foams up even more when used with a cleansing net or sponge.
  • Tip: 2. Use a hydrating toner after washing the face using the miracle whip. 
Read my full review here. 

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Rovectin Skin Essentials Product Review

Skin care products that are hypoallergenic, with NO Paraben, NO fragrance, NO Colorant and NO Mineral Oil? I got them here! ♥

Perfect for gals with sensitive skin, Style Korean again sent over a bunch of skin care products from the brand Rovectin in exchange of my honest review … so ladies, these skin essential products are for us! (1) Conditioning Cleanser (2) Activating Treatment Lotion (3) Barrier Repair Face Oil (4) Barrier Repair Cream and (5) Cica Care Balm. 

So, What is Rovectin? Developed to treat cancer patients, chemotherapy recipients, burn victims, dermatitis sufferers and all others with severe skin-barrier damage, Rovectin is renowned as an effective treatment that is both safe and trustworthy. Thanks to this reputation, the brand is often prescribed and used by thousands of hospitals and clinics all over Korea.  – these facts really amazed me and made me trust the brand immediately 🙂

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