Must Try Japanese Skin and Eye Care Products

Going to Japan and wondering what skin and eye care stuff to bring home? Read along 🙂

1. Senka (Shiseido) Miracle Whip Foam Cleanser – This foam cleanser literally foams like crazy! Just a teeny tiny amount is all you need to cover your entire face and neck. The lather it makes is so soft to the feel. Surprisingly, the whip does not make my skin dry despite its pH level of 8.0 which is high for a cleanser. Instead, it always leave my face nice and clean. Price: ¥346 (P200.00) Lazada: P390 – P420.00. 

  • Tip: 1. Foams up even more when used with a cleansing net or sponge.
  • Tip: 2. Use a hydrating toner after washing the face using the miracle whip. 
Read my full review here. 

2. Hada Labo Gokujyun Hyaluronic Acid Light Lotion (toner)

If you have dry skin, you badly need hyaluronic acid in your skin care. Hada Labo is  a popular skin care brand in Japan because of their moisturizing products. Yes, they have plenty but what I have tried is the Gokujyun Hyaluronic Acid Light Lotion and I swear by it. Its odorless, watery-consistency really hydrates my dry skin, keeping it moist and healthy looking. It can be applied using a cotton pad but I prefer using my hands and pat it real good on the face. Price: ¥800 (P400.00) Lazada: P700.00.  


3. Daiso Japan Deep H Hyaluronic Acid Moisture Gel 

Yet another moisturizing product from Japan is the Deep H Hyaluronic Acid Moisture Gel. This is one of the best sellers of Daiso in Japan. Though we have our Daiso stores here in the Philippines, the variety of the merchandise is too limited and this product is not even available here. When my skin is getting extra dry, I always reach out for this product. Its really moisturizing and immediately soothes my skin. It has a light lotion consistency which is not sticky at all.  Price: ¥200 (P100.00) Lazada: P250.00.  

4. Lululun and Babyish Sheet Masks

Of course, sheet masks will never be missed out in this list. Japan offers a wide variety of sheet mask brands but these two are definitely a must try! Babyish and Lululun masks are both gentle on the skin and leaves the skin packed with nutrients after every use. These masks are available in singles, 7-Day packs and 30-Day packs.  Price: ¥300 (P150.00) Beauty Bar: P350.00 (7-Day Pack).  

5. Biore UV Perfect Milk Sunscreen 

This is my favorite sunscreen ever! Why? Because it just not satisfactorily serve its purpose as my sun protectant (look at than 50 PA+++ SPF), it also serve as my primer because it provides a blurring effect for my visible pores and blemishes. A little amount is all I need to cover my face and neck area. Its also locally available at Watsons, but its definitely cheaper in Japan. Price: Watsons: P450.00.  

Read my full review here. 

Japan also has its best selling eye products which is known internationally. 

6. Megrhythm Steam Eye Mask 

Steam Eye Masks are not that popular in the Philippines, but in Japan they have plenty of them in their drug stores. This one from MegRhythm is what I can recommend because I personally tried it. These steam masks comes in different scents and available in boxes of 5 and 14 packs. What I’m using is the lavender and sage scent which smells a bit “ginger-ish”. It heats up the moment I put it which relieve and relax my tired eyes. Price: Beauty Mnl: P346.00.  


7. Rohto Lycee Eye Drops

This eye drops from the Japanese brand Rohto is the coolest (to the feel) eye drops that I have tried. Its kind of overwhelming at first but its really cooling when you get used to it. It has 2 variants, the ordinary one and another for contact lens wearers. I wear graded contact lenses 6 days a week and this product helps to hydrate and relax my eyes. Its very handy and look at that pink, glittery packaging! Price: ¥600 (P300.00) Lazada: P450.00.  


Though some of the products that I featured are already available in the Philippines, they are way cheaper in Japan 😉

Which of these products have you tried so far?


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