Sage & Tera The Cullen DNA Wash-off Mask Review

Sage and Tera is a new-age artisan line of small-batch, handcrafted health+vanity products, born of a love affair between botanicals and various earth elements”. – S&T

This local brand offers three kinds of wash-off masks that contains botanical and natural ingredients. They are: (1) Vanishing Spell (2) The Cullen DNA and (3) Icky Green Goo. Each mask cost P295.00 for 185 grams. To provide a complete masking experience, Sage and Tera also have the “After Mask” which is an oil-in-water post-mask spray that soothes and balances skin – P245.00 for 100 ml.

These Sage & Tera products are currently popular in the Asian Beauty Community in the Philippines, particularly on Instagram because there’s no doubt that everyone enjoys using them, including my co-bloggers and IG friends.

For this post, I will be focusing my review on the Sage & Tera The Cullen DNA Mask which I ordered from Beauty Mnl along with the After Mask spray. 

Product Claims: 

  • Delays skin aging.
  • Targets sun spots and dark marks.
  • Provides the skin with an instant glow.

Notable Ingredients and Skin Benefits:

  • Pomegranate Peel – contains Vitamin A, C & E which has the ability to delay the signs of aging and gives the skin an instant glow.
  • Sandalwood – Balances the pH level of the skin.
  • Also has macadamia oil, tomato extract and beetroot extract to lift away dull skin and unveil a more glowing skin. 

What I like about it?

  • The name itself is really catchy! I bet Twilight fans would agree 🙂
  • The color of the mask is pink-ish with a bubble gum scent, reminds me of “Bazooka ” Gum – 90’s kids can relate! 
  • Has a lovely set of natural ingredients. 
  • The formulation has no clumps. 
  • Easy to apply, provides a slightly cool feeling to the skin and easy to rinse as well.
  • Not heavy on the face. 
  • The after feel is great! My skin felt really smooth with a bit of noticeable glow.
  • The glass packaging though fragile, looks aesthetically enough for me.

What I don’t like about it?

  • The shelf life of the Cullen DNA mask is only 6 months – This however is not  a big issue for me because products with natural ingredients really tends to expire sooner than products with parabens or preservatives. 
  • Right after rinsing, my whole face turned red so I panicked a little bit. After 7 to 10 minutes my skin color went back to normal.
  • The next day, my chin and some parts of my cheeks became dry and a bit scaly. – I’m not completely blaming the product though, my skin is just super sensitive. Maybe I should just let the mask sit on my skin for less than 10 minutes to avoid skin irritation. 

Tips on using the Cullen DNA Mask

☘️Give the product a quick mix before applying it to the skin.
☘️Consume immediately or share it to your sister/s or in my case, I shared it with my husband, because the product has only a 6-month shelf life. By the way, his skin did not became dry. 
☘️Apply the @sageandtera After Mask to wrap up a complete masking experience.

More of my thoughts: 

  • I think that the Cullen DNA Mask is a great product because I enjoyed using it. Yes, some parts of my skin becomes irritated after using  the mask but those parts were really my dry areas. Maybe I should just let it sit for less than 10 minutes on my skin and apply the After Mask spray immediately, followed by a hydrating toner. I just can’t let go of the glow it provides on my skin.
  • The After Mask Spray is a clever idea for me and the very first after mask I know so far. I haven’t seen anything like it before.
  • Sadly, after I posted my first impression review of the mask on my Instagram account, they unfollowed me. I don’t know if: (1) that was just an accident (2) if they are just one of those brands that follow to unfollow accounts just to gain followers or (3) they just didn’t appreciate my honest first impressions review on my Instagram account.
  • I also heard some negative feedback’s from my friends and co-bloggers about their customer service but I won’t elaborate anymore because those are not my personal experiences.

PS: I would like to announce that I have an ongoing giveaway for PH residents, which will end on September 7, 2018. Just check my Instagram account for the simple mechanics. Please join and good luck 🙂  


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