Heimish Bulgarian Rose Line Review

Yet again, Style Korean favored me to be one of the lucky bloggers to try and test these beauties from  their Try Me, Review Me Event! Introducing to you guys the The Heimish Bulgarian Rose Line. I have to say, this the most aesthetically pleasing skincare line I have ever laid my eyes and hands on. 

“Bulgarian Rose water in general is full of skin benefiting vitamins and minerals, ultra-hydrating and with anti-inflammatory properties”.

Bulgarian Rose Water Mist Serum (19.99 USD/P1,042.00) 

Mist and Serum in one? OMG! … I’m crazy about mists and by far this is my favorite one.  88% of this mist slash serum is bulgarian rose water, designed to deliver refreshing moisture to the skin. This product has pH balancing, detoxifying and ultra-hydrating properties which is suitable for sensitive skin. It has a subtle scent of lychee flavored jello rather than rose actually and I like it that way because it adds a more refreshing feel to it. 

It has a fine mist spray, a kind of spray that will not drench the face of too much product. Make sure to give it a nice shake and spray it 7 to 10 inches away from the face. Pat the skin gently to help the serum be absorbed by the skin more quickly. With just a tolerable stickiness, the serum feels light and fresh to the skin. Over-all it’s more likely to be a really moisturizing kind of serum, maybe that’s why the color of the actual product is milky white. After every use, my skin has this beautiful kind of glow. Some of the notable ingredients of this mist serum are: rosa damascena flower water, niacinamide, adenosine, sodium nirtrate and citric acid.  

Bulgarian Rose Water Hydrogel Eye Patch (22 USD/P1,146.00) 

These hydrogel eye patches (60 pcs.) are definitely pretty and pink and they are something extra because they’re glittery and shimmery! I don’t even have to elaborate how they are beautifully packaged because girl, just look! The packaging already speaks for itself. It even comes with a spatula that prevents the patches from being contaminated. 

Undeniably eye catching, each eye patch is so soft but does not easily break for it is highly elastic. It also smells like a lychee flavored jello! Since the patches are hydrogel type, they are water soluble. They can be dissolved in warm water and can actually be use as an essence, brilliant right? The adherence is nice, it doesn’t slip or slide. 

Each hydrogel eye patch aims to brighten dark circles, under eyes and helps skin to become firm, well-rested and bouncy. I found this claims to be true because my under eye area appears to be well-rested and plump after every use. The moment the eye patches touches my skin, especially when refrigerated, I instantly feel very relaxed and soothed.  Its really hydrating and I highly recommend it to people with tired eyes from work or those who facing the computer all day. 

The patches can also be applied on the forehead and cheeks or any area of your face that needs hydration and extra care. Just let the patches stay on the skin for 20 to 30 minutes, gently pat it on the skin afterwards, followed by an eye cream. Some of the notable ingredients of the patches are: niacinamide, centella asiatica extracts, allantoin and rosa damascena flower oil.  

Bulgarian Rose Satin Cream (36 USD/P1,876.00) 

Isn’t she lovely? Everything about this satin cream is even more beautiful and surely a stand out in person. The actual container of the cream is a glass tub with double lid that makes it luxurious, fancy looking and contaminants protected. 

If you want to achieve a “glass skin” without being overly dewy, this satin cream is for you. Aside from the obviously gorgeous packaging and its lychee flavored jello scent, the thing that strikes me the most about it, is its feel and after effect on my skin. I find its texture unique as compared to usual moisturizers, it’s rich but not too creamy. It also glistens which adds to its aesthetic and luxurious vibe but it contains no glitter at all. It feels soft, light and delicate to the skin and provides a beautiful satin finish which I really love! I can’t really explain … but my skin looks glowy and shiny without feeling and looking tacky if that make sense, all I know is that I super adore this satin cream. I use this cream everyday since I had it at the end of my skincare routine. It can also be worn under makeup. 

Made of 63% rose water, this satin cream provides a high amount of moisture and nutrients whilst its anti-oxidant properties protect the cells of the skin against damage. It also has inflammatory properties that soothes the skin. Some of the notable ingredients of this cream are: lactic acid, niacinamide, adenosine and ascorbic acid. 

Smile of a well pampered skin 🙂

Amazing, Amazing products! Each of them are not just beautiful, they also serve their purpose for the well being of my skin. Believe me guys, these are worth every penny! 


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