Scout’s Honor – Vertis North

If you are the type of person who love cookies and a fan of all-day breakfast restaurants, then this food place is for you. Welcome to Scout’s Honor!  located at the ground level of Ayala-Vertis North. 

The theme of this restaurant is obviously scouting and camping with all of the wooden chairs and benches, knots, scarves and axes on the wall and camping utensils of course. I personally find the idea really cute and something fresh. 

The ceiling accents of Scout’s Honor reminds me of camping tents. Generally I describe the ambiance of the place as “sunny”, I supposed this is the effect of the lighting as it hits the wooden-yellow toned furnishings. 

Customers will never be bored while waiting for their orders to be served because there are board and table games available, you’ll have plenty of options actually.  

And … just look at their restroom, isn’t it beautiful? Its so pretty and clean, I think I can live here! haha! To be honest, given the ambiance outside, I expected more of a wooden interior or something to do with bricks rather than a shabby chic aesthetic. But no one can deny, this area is very “instagram-able” and “pinterest-y”. Love it! 

Now let’s proceed to the main event … the FOOD!!! 

Once seated, a complimentary snack was served to us in a form of a salted popcorn.  Its freshly prepared and we enjoyed munching on them while waiting for our orders to be served.  

For appetizer, we had two servings of the fully loaded camp fire potatoes topped with bacon bits, cheese and ranch sauces. The hand cut fries (also available in marbles) are not right off the fryer super crispy but it was crispy and golden brown. The ranch and cheese sauces made the entire dish yummy and a bit savory. 

Fully Loaded Camp Fire Potatoes – P175.00

Mostly featured on Scout’s Honor Instagram account is the Bacon Tosilog which is a bacon-cut cured tocino dish, served with garlic rice, two sunny side up eggs, atchara and spiced vinegar. The eggs are cooked perfectly, I like that the egg yolk still has its creamy texture without being too runny. The garlic rice and the achara are both nice as well. Given that the star of this dish is tocino, it is expected to be sweet but I guess too sweet for my liking. I may be a little bias though because I’m not a big fan of sweet dishes, but if you are, then you’re going to enjoy this.  

Bacon Tosilog – P235.00

Another “silog” dish is the Tapsilog composed of a sukiyaki-cut tapa made from USDA beef short plate, two sunny side up eggs (you can also request for the eggs to be scrambled), atchara and spiced vinegar. I wasn’t able to taste the tapa but my friend said that the beef is tender and tasty. He find the dish delicious with the rest of its components. 

Tapsilog – P245.00

Last from the “silogs” that we had was the Longsilog. The longganisa was prepared into bits, again over garlic rice with two sunny side up eggs, atchara and spiced vinegar. Again, though the longganisa bits are perfectly cooked, tender and tasty, they were still too sweet for my taste buds. I think, I will appreciate it more if its a garlic type of longganisa. One of my friends also had this dish but for her the sweetness was just okay. 

Longsilog – P235.00

We also had the perfectly golden brown and crispy Buttermilk Fried Chicken served with garlic rice with gravy and sweet sauces. We ordered the two piece chicken but its also available in one piece. You can also have this dish with plain rice instead of garlic rice. All of us liked this dish because again the chicken was fried perfectly, not too salty, its tasty and crispy. 

Scout’s 2-pc. Buttermilk Fried Chicken with Garlic Rice – P245.00

We also tried one pasta dish and it was their Chili Garlic Seafood Linguine. The linguine was tossed in chili garlic sauce topped with seared fresh seafood. It also had generous shreds of cheese. The pasta was cooked al dente, the seafood flavor was there with just a  little bit of spice. If this dish would have more seafood toppings, then it will be perfect. The seafood by the way were all tender. 

Chili Garlic Seafood Linguine – P315.00

One of the fun things that you can do in Scout’s Honor is crafting your own cookie that’s why the restaurant is also called a make-your-won-cookie shop. The process includes (1) picking a dough of your choice (basic chewy, red velvet, dark chocolate chip), (2) choosing two to three toppings out of kitkat, raisins, cranberries, salty pretzels, dark chocolate and fourteen more options and (3)  wait for your cookie to baked and be served. 

S’mores Tag-Along, Cookie Inception and Rev Velvet Inception (P95.00 each)

However, we opted to try their ready to eat cookies. Again, if you love cookies you are going to love this place.

Deep Dark Secret, Thin Mints and Cookie Inception (P95.00 each). 

So, what are my top favorites? They would have to be, of course the Chili Garlic Seafood Linguine, Fully Loaded Fire Camp Potatoes, Buttermilk Fried Chicken and the Deep Dark Secret cookie YUM YUM YUM! 🙂


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  1. Do they have good service? We stood there for 5 minutes and the staff just brushed past us. Walang pumansin. Ganda pa naman sana for kid’s parties 😦


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