QuickFX Black Clay Mask First Impression Review


QuickFx is a brand that I have been patronizing long before because their products are effective, affordable, travel-friendly, and readily available at the drugstores. Just recently, the brand released five new products; two wash-off masks and three sheet masks made from Korea. Today’s blog post will be all about the QuickFx BLACK Clay Mask. 

Just click ME! if you want to watch my demo-video. 


The packaging of the clay mask is still the same with the rest of their products. It has a reversible/twist-able cap that is safe to carry in the bag. I can’t really describe the exact scent of the clay mask but its actually nice and pleasant. In terms of consistency, its soft and easy to apply but it sets pretty quick.

I applied the clay mask using my fingers generously all over my face avoiding my eye area and waited for 15 minutes. 


The QuickFx BLACK Clay Mask contains Vitamin B6 and Salicylic Acid that protects the skin from various pollutants that may clog the pores. Menthol, Allantoin and other soothing substances that calms and rejuvenates the skin from redness, irritation and stress. It also contains porous substances such as kaolin (a.k.a china clay) and charcoal powders that helps absorb and remove sebum and other skin impurities for clearer and smoother skin. 


After 15 minutes, the clay mask is completely dry already. Though the product provides a very slight tightening feeling, its not heavy on the face. Over-all its comfortable on the skin, no itchiness whatsoever. 

Dry 1.jpg

Dry 2

Looking closely, you can tell that the clay mask really sank in on my pores which is actually great because its a proof that it deeply penetrates and cleans the skin.   


The clay mask is easy to rinse. After patting my face dry, I felt my skin becomes smoother, supple and really clean. 


Over-all, I find the QuickFX Black Clay Mask as a great wash-off mask. I felt that my skin becomes really clean right from my pores. Its conveniently-packaged, affordable (P99.00 good for three uses) and available at your local Watsons and Mercury Drug Stores.

Disclaimer: Though QuickFX generously sent me a PR package of their new products, this blog is not sponsored. 



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