QuickFX Newest Masking Products

Around mid-January of this year, one of my favorite skincare and travel-friendly  brands – QuickFX launched their newest products to the market composed of two wash-off masks and three sheet masks made from Korea. They sent me a PR kit to introduce these products to you guys and to try it for myself as well (this blog is not sponsored). 


The lovely kit includes two wash-off masks:

QuickFX BLACK Clay Mask (for deep skin cleaning and pore minimizing) This clay mask contains kaolin and charcoal powder that helps absorb sebum and skin impurities, refines the appearance of enlarged pores for clear and smooth skin. I already tried and reviewed this clay mask and I actually LOVE it! Click HERE! to read it and HERE! to watch my YouTube First Impression Review. 

QuickFX DEWY+ Sleep Mask (for dry and dull skin) This product is another wash-off mask but you have to let it sit on the skin overnight. It promises to deliver ultra hydration to dull skin, replenish lost moisture to achieve a dewy glow. 

Both products retails for P99.00 each available at the drugstores. 

photo grabbed from QuickFX instagram account 

And here comes the sheet masks! The packaging is simple yet really pretty!

QuickFX SCULP Tightening Face Mask Aims to provide skin elasticity through its collagen-producing peptides. It helps the skin to be healthier and younger-looking when used continuously. 

QuickFX LIQUID ICE Cooling Face Mask Promises to provide skin hydration and a deep cooling effect which can calm and rejuvenate tired skin from constant environmental stress.  

QuickFX DEWY+ Hydrating  Face Mask Claims to deliver ultra hydration to dry skin leaving it replenished from moisture loss and dryness to achieve that dewy glow. This is like the sheet mask counterpart of the Dewy+ Sleep Mask, cool!

These sheet masks retails for P89.00 each available at the drugstores. 

photo grabbed from QuickFX instagram account 

I will be posting a separate review for each of the products on my future blogs, don’t you worry. We will see if they are worth the try 🙂


Thank you Team QuickFX! 






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