First Long Motorcycle Ride to Rizal, Philippines

– Keep Calm and Ride On! – 

Ryan and I have so many things in common and one of those is travelling to places. This is one of the reasons why we get along really well even before we were just friends. Recently, he got himself a motorcycle and since then we planned on going for a road trip and have an adventure we haven’t tried before. Last Holy Week (Thursday to Saturday), we did our first long motorcycle ride going to the province of Rizal, Philippines. 


DAY 1: Antipolo Church, Sun Flora Farm and and an Overlooking Site somewhere in Jala-Jala Rizal

Fully geared for our ride, we left the house at 5:00 AM and reached Antipolo Church at 6:00 AM. Since it was a holiday our travel was swift. We first had our breakfast at McDonalds located just near the church, went to the church after, bought adobo flavored roasted cashew nuts for pasalubong at P100 per order (it is priced at P150.00 when you buy with a help of a fixer) and left to Baras Rizal where we met our friend Ana (who also has her own ride) whose a local there.  


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Summer Fresh Makeup Look (with tips and product recos)

– Staying pretty amidst the summer heat –


The SUMMER Season in the Philippines is serious business because it gets really, really, really hot! So here are my tips and product recommendations to stay pretty amidst the summer heat. 


Extreme heat makes the skin suffer resulting to extreme dryness or oiliness depending on your skin type. Whatever the case is, it is very important to prepare the skin including the lips before sun exposure or applying makeup. Light moisturizers, lip balm and non-sticky sunscreens are your skin’s bff no matter what the season is, more so during summer. In this particular look what’s beneath my makeup are the Rovectin Skin Essentials Barrier Cream, Leaders SunBuddy Daily Moisture Sun Cream with SPF 50 and Lucas Papaw Ointment as my lip balm. 


Other product recommendations: iWhite Korea Aqua Moisturizer, Biore UV Perfect Milk SPF 50, QuickFX Sunscreen SPF 50 and Rraw Fresh Sunblock (Spray) SPF 75. 

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BLK Cosmetics Sweet Lip Duo in TULIP Review

– A 2-Step Lip Perfector from BLK Cosmetics 


Early this month, BLK Cosmetics launched their newest products from their K-Beauty Collection “inspired by the magic and romance of Korean Dramas” (very Anne Curtis!) the K-Drama Edition. One of the products from this line is the Sweet Lip Duo available in two variations: Tulip (the one that I picked) and Snow Drop. The duo is composed of a flavored lip scrub and tinted lip balm packed in a single packaging. The product retails for P379.00 available online and on major department stores nationwide. 


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