BLK Cosmetics Sweet Lip Duo in TULIP Review

– A 2-Step Lip Perfector from BLK Cosmetics 


Early this month, BLK Cosmetics launched their newest products from their K-Beauty Collection “inspired by the magic and romance of Korean Dramas” (very Anne Curtis!) the K-Drama Edition. One of the products from this line is the Sweet Lip Duo available in two variations: Tulip (the one that I picked) and Snow Drop. The duo is composed of a flavored lip scrub and tinted lip balm packed in a single packaging. The product retails for P379.00 available online and on major department stores nationwide. 



The box, actual packaging and the products inside it all looked aesthetically pleasing, super nice, very girly! I love how compact it is with two mini compartments and it even comes with a tiny mirror which is really useful, I appreciate it a lot! The top compartment holds the tinted lip balm while the second one contains the lip scrub. 

Lip Scrub in Strawberry  – Gently slough away rough and dry patches from the lips.  This lip scrub smells really good and yummy! To be honest, I’m so tempted … I actually tasted it haha! But nope! its not as sweet and nice as it looks, so don’t do that at home lol! The consistency of this scrub is thicker and “creamier” as compared to the others that I have tried. While and after using it, I felt no discomfort so I can say that it is indeed gentle on the lips. My lips became a little red of course because of the rubbing but it definitely became smooth and supple. Thumbs up!


Tinted Lip Balm in Warm Pink  – Provides moisture as it colors. The first time I swatched this lip balm, it seemed like I’m working with a lipstick because the pigmentation is just really good.  Though its not as deliciously fragrant as the scrub, its color pay-off on the lips amazes me. The formulation is creamy and really moisturizing to the feel and to look at. Its easy to apply using a finger, glides easily and feels comfortable on the lips. The warm pink shade can be flattering for all skin tones but I’m hoping that BLK could release more shade options in the future. 


Here are the swatches:


Over-all, I think that this Step 2-Lip Perfector duo is indeed perfect for those girls like me whose pet peeve are dry, chapped even cracked lips when it comes to makeup. Remember: Exfoliation+Moisturization equals to a smooth and plump lips ready for tinted balm or lipstick application. 



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