A’Bloom by Althea.Kr Haul

– Ultimately adorable + promising products at an affordable price – 

What’s new with the Korean Beauty World? Well, last April 24, 2019, Althea Korea launched their very own brand called A’Bloom with its adorably packaged sheet masks, delectable looking makeup sponges and a blackhead removing stick which I find really  interesting. Let’s name them all shall we? 




A’Bloom released four “fruity” sheet mask variants tagged as recipe for sparkling skin. The packaging is just so happy and pretty to look at. Even the names are well-thought of really, really nice! Each mask retails for only P20.00 (yes, you read it right!) but since I got them by 10’s, I only paid P18.00 a piece. On the duration of the launch, Althea had a 10+10 promotion, sadly I got confused with the mechanics and wasn’t able to avail it. But it’s okay, some of my blogger friends got confused too (and that makes me feel good in a way haha!). 

WATER-ME-LONG Moisturizing Watermelon MaskTold you, the names are totally nice.


SPARKLE-ME-BRIGHT Brightening Lemon Lime Mask


AVO-CUDDLE-ME Nourishing Avocado Mask


AC-ME-PEACH Anti-Blemish Peach Mask



These makeup sponges are truly delectable in the eyes with its shape and pretty in pink colors. The big one is called the “giant meringue puff” designed for foundation or powder application on the wider areas of the face. It retails for just P100.00.

The little sponges are called “baby meringue puffs” because they are relatively smaller and cuter that the giant puff. Its shape is very ideal for concealer application. You’ll get a set of three baby meringue puffs for only P140.00. 


Oh! Have you noticed that white, round thingy on the photo below? It’s actually an A’Bloom phone grip. It comes free for every purchase of a meringue puff or BHA Blackhead Blaster. 



Speaking of the BHA Blackhead Blaster, this is the product that I’m most curious about. It is a clinically approved non-irritant blackhead and whitehead removing product in a stick form. It claims to remove those nasty things off the skin minus the discomfort. It also promises to exfoliate the skin because of its natural BHA content. It retails for only P200.00. 


I’m actually late in featuring this new brand and line of products from Althea because it took a while before my orders was delivered to me. Because of this, the sheet masks are now out of stock. But the the meringue puffs and the BHA blackhead blaster are still available along with their ongoing promotion. 

As for my first impressions, I think that A’Bloom offers ultimately adorable and promising products at an affordable price. Reviews will be posted soon. 



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