Cleansing in Tandem! Garnier Micellar Oil-Infused Cleansing Water & Sanicare Compact Cotton Pads Review

– Current favorite duo! –

I’m such a big fan of micellar cleansing waters. In fact, I already tried micellar cleansing waters from brands such as: Maybelline, L’oreal, Garnier (pink cap-for sensitive skin), Simple, Nivea, Ponds, La Roche Posay and Benton Cosmetics. They all did the job of effectively cleansing my face and some of them can even remove waterproof makeup. But if you’ll ask me what’s my top favorite, that would be my latest discovery… the Micellar Oil-Infused Cleansing Water from Garnier. Want to know why? Let me break down the reasons.


  1. Since it is “oil-infused” it quickly removes my makeup even my favorite Heroine Make waterproof mascara and brow mascara in a jiffy. The fastest as compared to the previous micellar waters that I have tried.
  2. It has this citrusy-fresh scent that I really love. Most micellar waters are unscented.
  3. Even though it is scented, it did not cause any irritation on my sensitive skin.
  4. I love how I see the division of the product’s two components (oil and water) on the clear bottle packaging while the white cap tightly seals the liquid in.
  5. It’s not just dermatologically tested but also ophthalmologically tested making it safe even for the eyes.
  6. My skin feels nourished and appears to be moisturized after using this micellar water. 


“For the 1st time Garnier Micellar technology is formulated with oils. The micelles (cleansing agents) capture impurities like a magnet & lift away dirt from the skin, whilst the oils instantly dissolve all types of make-up”. – Garnier Website

Like most of the other micellar waters, this one from Garnier is also non-greasy, non-irritant and does not require post-rinsing (though I always double cleanse with a facial wash/foam no matter what my first cleanser is). This 125ml bottle cost P149.00 while P349.00 for the 400ml one, available online and on selected department and drugstores. 

This is how the product looks like when shaken. 

And here’s the peanut butter on my jelly! The Sanicare Compact Cotton Pads is another new discovery of mine and I love to pair it with my Garnier Micellar Oil-Infused Cleansing Water because they make the first step of my skincare routine so much easier and faster. 


“Durable, dermatologist-tested and gentle on the skin, these are made from high-quality cotton fibers compressed through Aqua Jet Technology to make it compact which goes to your skin and not just absorbed by the cotton. One big reason to switch to compact pads than the usual pads — now easy enough to bring along your travels!” – Sanicare FB Page 

There are three main reasons why I think this cotton pad is the best from the rest (so far).

  1. Extra Wide – Because it’s bigger than normal cotton pads, it can get more product and cleanse the entire face up to the neck area. I normally consume two regular size cotton pads in removing my makeup but for this larger pad, I only need one. My fingers also felt more relax while holding and swiping the pad on my face and neck because its provides a larger space. 
  2. It’s Compact – I can say that it’s thin enough not to absorb much product but thick enough to still do the job of cleansing while bringing comfort to the skin. All I want to say is that its just perfect.
  3. It’s Durable – I encountered cotton pads before that breaks as I use them which is never a good thing. But this one performs really well. 
LEFT – Sanicare Compact Cotton Compact Pad, RIGHT – Miniso Cotton Pad

Each box contains 60 pieces of cotton pads, it retails for P120.00 for a box of 2 already. Available on Sanicare website and leading supermarkets. 

LEFT – Sanicare Compact Cotton Compact Pad, RIGHT – Miniso Cotton Pad

Do you have two products, makeup or skincare that you love using together? I would love to know what are they. 



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