Launch of Mesoprotech Range by Mesoestetic

“Photo Protection is not cosmetic … it’s clinical” – Dra. Lucia Lourdes Castro-Fores


Mesoestetic is a brand that I knew nothing about that’s why I’m glad that I became more familiar with it because they do serious business when it comes to skincare. It is a Spanish Company that was founded in Barcelona, Spain, Luckily, their products are accessible here in the Philippines through selected dermatology clinics.

Watch my short vlog of the event here. 


Last May 16, 2019, Mesoestetic hosted an event to introduce their newest skincare range  called “Mesoprotech” – sun protection technology, comprise of cutting edge sun protection products for all skin types. 


☀️ Mesoprotech Complex – Exclusive combination of physical and/or chemical + biological filters for complete protection against UVB and UVA radiation, as well as againt oxidation caused by infrared radiation (IR) and visible light (HEV)

☀️ Collagen Pro-47: Anti-aging Protection – Plant active ingredient that ptotects and boost type 1 collagen, preventing premature ageing and giving the skin improved elasticity, flexibility and consistency.

Upper Left Corner – Dra. Lucia 


So why do we need photo protection? Basically, we need photo protection in order to reduce the effects of the Ultra Violet Rays to our skin such as: 

  1. Premature skin ageing, wrinkles, skin sagging and sun spots.
  2. Skin cancer: Melanoma, Basal Cell and Squamous Carcinoma. 




After the event, the organizers provided us with a loot containing the Sun Protective Repairing Stick, Light Water Anti-Aging Veil and Sun Protective Body Lotion. I am currently using all of them and so far they are doing great. I love that all of these products are not sticky and heavy to the skin. I’m also fan of the scent which is like the smell you get when you are having your facial at the clinic. 


With Nicky @girlbehind_glasses, Luna @sparklesandnargles and Lee @mrsleecabrera

Among all of the informative things Dra. Lucia mentioned, below are the information that strike me the most:

  1. Anything that emits heat is a threat to our skin, the sun is not the sole culprit.
  2. Even people with darker skin tones are prone to skin damage and even skin cancer.
  3. Permanent damage to our skin doesn’t show until 20 years – so skincare should be done as early as possible.
  4. We lose 1 percent of our collagen every year! If you have bad lifestyle you’ll lose even more. So now that I’m 33, my collagen level is only 67%! So it’s all about boosting our collagen level. 
  5. As much as possible, avoid sun exposure between 11:00 AM until 4:00 PM (still depends on the equator). 

Here are some myths and the truth about them as also shared to us by Dra. Lucia.

PNG image

With all of these facts, protecting our skin from the sun and anything that emits heat is not just “kaaretehan” but rather giving love and investing on our skin’s health. 


You can visit the Mesoestetic website to know more about their products and the list of clinics/centers where they can be availed. 



Roof deck, Makati Diamond Residences, Makati City
Dinner after the event at UCC  Vienna Cafe at Greenbelt Makati 



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