My Digital Perming Disaster and What I did to Revive my Hair

– Grab yourself a bowl of pop corn or any snacks because this is gonna be a pretty long story time hehe! 🙂

IMG_3495Okay so, finally …  after years of contemplating, I finally decided to turn my straight hair into curls. Well, I had my reservations because when you have unnatural curls, you will need to do extra care to maintain your locks. It means extra products and extra effort. But anyway I said to myself that I will give it a go just for a change, you know what I mean girls *wink. 

First things first, I wanted to check if my one year old rebonded and colored hair is healthy enough to be permed and endure more chemicals. So I went to Tony and Jackey last May 11. They asked me if there are other treatments done to my hair before like keratin treatment, brazilian blowout or if I have my hair bleached. I said no with certainty. Alas! after my stylist approved that my hair can be digitally permed plus made me aware about their ongoing promotional discount for their services, I decided to push with the perming on that same day. 


They offered me the ultimate package for digital perm that includes hair coloring, a hair treatment they called rescue 911 and a hair cut for P5,000.00, originally priced at P9,300.00, pretty good deal! We started the service at 4:30 PM and ended at around 8:15 PM so that’s almost four hours long – tiis ganda besh! :p


Everything went well until the chemical for the perming was applied. My stylist informed me that the colored (from my previous hair color) parts of my hair is reacting badly to the chemical she just put. She decided to wash my hair immediately so as not to damage it any further. However it was still kinda late, the strands of my hair became sort of “rubbery” and super dry OMG!!!!

This is not a bunch of copper wires, this is my chemically damaged hair haha! (this was roughly 3 hours after the service). Its really, really dry, stiff, springy, looks lifeless and kinda heavy to the feel. 

My stylist asked me again if I’m sure that I did not bleached my hair before and I said of course I am sure. And then she explained to me that it might be the hair coloring product that was applied to my hair last year (from other salon). According to her, some brands incorporate a bleaching ingredient to their hair coloring products for the color to be more vibrant and cling to the hair faster. After hearing this, I know at that moment, from where I was sitting … that I’m doomed haha!

So girls, you have been warned. Check the ingredients or type of your hair coloring product first if you want your hair to be digitally permed in the future. 

After some more discussions, we decided to continue with the perming because the chemical was already applied anyway. After putting on some extra hair treatment to somewhat minimize the damage to my hair, still it became dry, dull and lifeless *sob.

Setting disappointment aside, I do not blame my stylist because I know she did what she could to lessen the damage to my hair. I just wish she could be more positive so as to somehow uplift my spirit, apparently she is more devastated than me haha!


My hair became extremely dry to the point that the strands looked like thin, copper wires. I said to myself that I need to do something to save it without availing further hair treatments  as what my stylist suggested me to do when I asked her. Nah! I will not be spending P3,500.00 worth of hair treatments every month! Chopping my hair off (and my P5,000.00 along with it haha!) is another option but I would not want that either.  

So I did what I do best. I researched for natural remedies and some products that will help improve and provide nourishment to my hair that obviously screams for help. Until I came across the brand Urban Care. This brand have a bunch of products specially made for specific hair concerns/problems with natural ingredients. 

..and this is the condition of my hair now, 8 days after using Urban Care hair products and two weeks after the service. As you can tell, its not that dull anymore,  less drier and looks soft and manageable as compared to the previous photo. 
Look at the difference! Btw, my hair color differs in the photos because of the lighting but the one to the right is my true hair color. 

These three products saved my hair from the chopping board. 

Shake N Repair 7/24 Curl, Milk Treatment Anti-Frizz Mousse by URBAN CARE 


Claims: An intensive treatment that targets worn out, frizzy hair. Adding shine, moisture, and smoothness. Lets you shape curls sans frizz; treats hair keratin structure with special milk proteins and a creamy foam containing 12 amino acids; helps damaged locks regain its shine and softness; leaves static-prone strands looking sleek, soft, and moisturized. 

My thoughts: This mousse smells really great, literally like Milk! The packaging is surely pretty to me. The mousse itself is a creamy and smooth foam that’s not sticky to the feel and can be easily applied to the hair. But amongst all these, what I absolutely love is how it made my hair a lot softer and manageable. I noticed that my hair is getting better and better the more I use this product. Its definitely a good idea that I purchased two of them. 

Price: It retails for P329.00 at Beauty Mnl but I got mine from  Shopee for just P165.00, check out Genson Distribution Inc. (genson888). 

Argan Oil and Keratin Hair Care Shampoo by URBAN CARE


Claims: An anti-breakage shampoo that targets brittle, damaged locks. Gently cleans, strengthens, and protects; improves hair resiliency to prevent breakage with vitamin E-rich argan oil; works to minimize split-ends and hair fall; enhances hair vitality and volume; deeply nourishes with omega fatty acids and natural antioxidants to provide shine and softness; features ethically and naturally sourced herbal keratin that provides highly protective, nourishing, and restorative benefits

Argan Oil and Keratin Hair Care Conditioner by URBAN CARE

Claims: A repairing conditioner for brittle, damaged locks. Helps restore dry, over-processed hair with vitamin E-rich argan oil; nourishes, strengthens, and protects with omega fatty acids and natural antioxidants; features ethically and naturally sourced herbal keratin that provides highly protective, nourishing, and restorative benefits for healthy, silky-soft tresses.

My thoughts for the shampoo and conditioner: Another great finds are these products still from Urban Care. The actual shampoo and conditioner are translucent kinds with no special scent to them, a bit “herbally” I must say. At first, I thought the shampoo will not produce more bubbles like previous organic shampoos that I have tried but no, it definitely bubble up pretty nicely when massage to the hair. 

The hair conditioner works really well too in making my hair more manageable.

Price: Both products retails for P229.00 each at Beauty Mnl but I got mine from  Shopee for just P115.00 each, check out Genson Distribution Inc. (genson888) the same shop where I purchased the Milk Treatment Mousse. 


I consider myself lucky because I found these products real quick, saved me from the hassle of trials and errors. In just less than two weeks since I started using them, I already seeing noticeable results and improvements. I’m just so happy because it seems like these products were tailor made to rescue my chemically butchered hair.

I highly recommend these three Urban Care hair products for people out there with chemically damaged hair like mine. They really work, tried and tested! I also think that using mayonnaise as a hair mask really helps in making the hair soft and shiny. I tried it the day after I permed my hair. 

– this post is not sponsored

Do you have a hair related horror story? I would love to hear them from you. 


3 thoughts on “My Digital Perming Disaster and What I did to Revive my Hair

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  1. Glad that you saved your hair from nightmare.

    The last time that I had my hair damaged was in 2016 when I got my hair bleached. It was dull and frizzy 😩 I really didn’t like it, lalo na nung tumagal. So I have to grow my hair and decided to chop it really short until mameet ko yung natural hair color and strand. After nun, I am too scared na to have my hair dyed. So when I go to salon, I just ask the stylist for haircut and Brazilian Blowout lang. I can say, i am much happier with my natural hair, nakakafresh 😁


    1. Each of us has our fair share of hair horror stories tlaga no? hehe. Anyway, I heared that Brazilian Blowout makes the hair bouncy and shiny. What’s important is that your happy with your current style 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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