DIY Bridal Shower Gift Idea

– Curate your love 


I recently attended a friend’s bridal shower which we planned weeks ahead. Usually, when I attend occasions likes this, what I buy for the bride-to-be are sexy and kinky things. This time though, I thought of giving my friend something personalized and things that she can really use. I googled for personalized gift ideas until I came across Pinterest and became inspired with the bridal survival kit


A bridal survival kit basically contains little things that can possibly need by the bride before, during and after her wedding day. Since I coordinated weddings before, I pretty much have an idea on the stuff that might save the bride’s life. 


Below are the things that I picked up from Watsons, Robinson’s Supermarket and from my skincare cabinet hehe!


Leaders Primer Mask to prep her skin before makeup.


Mints to keep her breath fresh throughout the day and pocket tissue in case things get emotional. 


Band Aid because her new shoes might gave her discomfort and Advil just in case. 


Makeup Remover Wipes to remove her makeup that will be sitting on her face for a day and Chocolates to boost her energy for some late night action haha!


I also included a pack of steaming eye mask for her to have a relaxed sleep, I just forgot to take a photo of it. 

As for the box, I just recycled and decorated an Althea box from my recent order so it’s still in good condition. 


For a more personal touch, I just created this notes using my Rhonna Mobile App and have it developed and printed on a photo shop. 


Of course, you can put more or other things from other brands on the box that you will be curating. You can also put into consideration the personality of the person whom you will be handing your gift for her to appreciate every things inside her kit. 

Here are some photos of the actual Bridal Shower held at Center Stage, Mall of Asia Seaside. The bride-to-be was surprised for the party that we prepared for her and we can tell that she really did enjoyed the night. 











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