How to Dress Up for a Wedding

– be simple yet stylish –

BannerYou should be proud of yourself whenever you are being invited to weddings because it just simply imply that you mean something for the bride and groom. Depending on the theme or kind of the wedding, how to dress up is one of the concerns “mostly of the girls” because of course we want to look presentable and blend with the other guests. Just last Tuesday, I attended a dear friend’s wedding at Tagaytay City. Knowing when the ceremony and the reception will be at, I know that I have to dress up so as to conform with the very special occasion. 


I kept my makeup simple and sweet. Good thing, my hair was already digitally permed so I don’t do much effort to it aside from applying a hair mousse and putting on a simple hair accessory. 

Makeup and Accessories

Now for my dress. I got it from SM North EDSA Department Store after hours of looking in and out of boutiques. When I finally saw it from the rack, I was like… THIS IS IT! The girls will understand me on this …. the right dress will literally call you! Haha! The color is perfect, brings out the fairness of my complexion. I’m not really good at identifying exact color names but it appears to me as an old rose but more tinted with a little bit of shine going on. We were also advised not to wear Red, White and Black dresses/attires so again this dress is very conforming.

Dress 1

I got it in a size medium which fits me perfectly and comfortably. The length is just right for my height and I love how drapy and flowy it is. The simple yet elegant style of the dress mesmerized me. My heart was literally pumping really fast when I was fitting it, I think I even jumped a little haha! Ryan can attest to this because I was all smiles when I open the fitting room door and showed him how the dress looked on me. 

Dress 2

I just paired the dress with my light cream colored sandals with a chunky and I think two inches heels which also provides comfort. You can’t really go wrong with black so I decided to use my classic black Giorgio Armani clutch which was given to me as a gift. It looked really good with my dress.


Footer 1


1. In choosing the right dress, bag, shoes etcetera, always pick what you think you can wear with confidence and comfort. The hefty price tag is not really necessary because at the end of the day, it will all depend on how will you carry yourself in that dress or bag or pair of shoes. Remember : Always consider comfort before style. 


2. Don’t be shame with your own body. If a dress doesn’t fit, you can always look for other styles and sizes that will compliment your body type. All girls has their own insecurities so okay lang yan girl!


3. Always check the dress code of the wedding or any event that you will be attending to. Dress codes are being set for a reason. If you chose to be stubborn, there’s a strong chance that you will be blending in with the table cloth and nobody wants that.


4. Also take into consideration the theme, style and extravagant of the wedding/event, you wouldn’t want to look under or overdressed.


5. Take good photos of you wearing your ensemble. Don’t hesitate to strike poses for the sake of photos as long as your not making a scene. Just feel good about yourself. Years and years later, you will still have a visual of how gorgeous you were.


6. Don’t be stressed out, plan ahead on what you will wear …. which comes to this little back story haha!

Actually, I already have something in mind to wear just sitting on my closet until I fitted it two days before the wedding, and oh! my effin whatever! It did not fit me anymore because I just realized that the last time I wore it was way back 2015! Of course I gained weight. So I rushed at the mall right after, hoping that I could find the perfect dress in no time. Na-stress talaga ako ng bongga! because I’m the type of person who plan everything ahead. 


I’m not a fashion expert of some sort girls, I just want to share and give you my ideas and tips as to how to dress up based on my thoughts and experiences. Hope it helps! mmmuuuaaahhh! 🙂


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