3CE Take a Layer Multi Pot Review

– A single pot for the Lips, Cheeks and Eyes 


If you are like me who loves compact and multi-purpose things … then you are going to be interested with the Take a Layer Multi Pot from the high end Korean brand 3CE (3 Concept Eyes). It is a cream product that you can use as an eye-shadow, cheek blush and lip color. It has been on my radar for months now and finally here’s my thoughts about it. 

“The highly pigmented formula delivers vivid colors for a brightening effect on your lips, cheeks and eyes. Arabian cotton, fermented vitamin tree and shea butter provide skin protection and nourishment with a barely-there feel. Control the intensity of the color you apply, building layers to achieve your desired look”. 


PACKAGING You can never go wrong with sparkly, shiny things! The packaging of this multi pot is GORGEOUS! It’s golden, its shiny and even comes with a good quality mirror. The compact is sealed with the shade name at the back part of it. The box also tells you what shade is inside it. 



TEXTURE This cream product is so smooth, soft and silky to the touch. For me, the texture is a perfect combination of cream and powder. Let me put it this way … its creamy but not too creamy with a feel of a fine powder. I hope I am not confusing you guys, it is just how I describe it. It is so light, I can barely feel it on my fingers. 


APPLICATION When it comes to application … its amazing! I can effortlessly apply and blend it on my skin using my fingers without any tugging. I even tried layering it up on my cheeks and no clumping of product happened. This is not always the case for other cream products that I have tried before. 

When it comes to the color pay offit is really pigmented so you have to be careful so as not to put too much product on your skin. For the sake of this blog, I intended to put more product so that the camera can pick up the color, but still I was able to blend it smoothly on my face. 


Cabbage Rose (which is one of the shades that are always sold-out) is described as an understated deep rose hue. Its exactly true but only while the cream product is in the pot and applied on the lips.



Best to apply a lip balm before applying it to the lips as it can emphasize dry patches because of its matte finish and formulation.

However, as I applied and blended it on my cheeks, I can tell that the shade has a touch of a “peachy” tone. Same goes when I applied it on my eye lids this morning. Below are the photos of me wearing the multi pot on my cheeks as a blush on two different lightings. Though the formulation of the cream is matte, it still provided a glow and brightening effect on my skin. It really refreshes my entire look. LOVE IT!



LONGEVITY I road tested the product as a blush and I observed that the color pay off remained the same from 7:15 AM (application time) until before lunch time – more or less 4 hours. Please take note that I stayed in an air-conditioned room and my skin type is not oily.

I went out to take my lunch and at 1:00 PM the pigmentation in my cheeks was reduced in half already. In the late afternoon, it again faded but there is still a noticeable flush of color on my cheeks. With that, I can say that it is long lasting but not for the whole day. 

The 3CE Take a Layer Multi Pot is available in seven different colors: Cabbage Rose, Diotima (nude), Scarlet Red, Morning Skinny (orangey), Holly Hock (pink), Common Time (peachy) and Primula (mauve). 

As the saying goes, “good things comes to those who waits” – I was able to snatched it for just P799.00 instead of its regular price that ranges from P1,100 to P1,200.00 or higher depending on the shop that sells it. STEAL! 


I got mine straight from the office warehouse of RRKoreanShop – a Philippine based on-line shop (Shopee) that sells authentic makeup and skincare products from Korea.  They are currently having promotions for the whole month of June as they celebrate their third year anniversary in the business. Check out their instagram account here. 

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  1. 799 ba bili natin??? Akala ko 699 lang haha! Btw, ang dami nung nilagay mo sa cheeks. When I used it the first time, naka2 dips lang ako using my sponge and kitang kita na agad! Lasted the whole day too. Such a great purchase!


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